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Thread: KFX 80 issues

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    KFX 80 issues

    Jack, I know you're out there! Lol

    I have a stock machine, that I switched to a 14/26 gear, with a 40# chain from TCS. That worked wonders for the top speed, got it to 26 mph (100 lb rider)

    The bottom end was sad though, so I then decided to pull two rollers out of the front clutch, and man, that thing had never been serviced. Geez. There was grease in there, hard as a rock! One roller was stuck to the high side. Long story short, I cleaned the clutch, put only 4 rollers back in but now my top speed is only 22 mph with a 100 lb rider. I didn't take the rear clutch apart and lighten the shoes, because I was a bit indimidated. My question is, what should I do now? Should I try to shave weight off the rear shoes, or put back in the 2 rollers and run them in a clean clutch? I want to retain some of this bottom end, but I want that top speed back a bit.

    He's only gonna be on this thing for another year, so I hate to spend too much on it. :/

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    Oh, and the 2 rollers that I left out, were the two that had stuck and flat spotted.

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    Well, just finished up getting it all back together, put the 2 rollers back in, ran it down the road and got to 28.1 mph with my 230 lb butt, so I guess I'm good for now. Lol. One of these days, I may get brave enough to try to lighten the shoes again.

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    The tracts where the rollers go wasn't gouged?
    Ya, you need to lighten the rear shoes to 180g. If you're in doubt, send them to me.
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