wanted to see if anyone was interested in a run down of our build. we got the 250 ex as a stepping stone from my sons 70ss cobra. the 250x has a sport clutch meaning you use the clutch normal but as we all know some one learning can go through clutches so it has a centrifical clutch also. so challenges to the new quad are using a clutch, manual shifter, larger heavier quad, and more difficult race tracks.
we got lots of seat time in and decided it was time to do a couple races as you can ride all day but doing a race is another story. We did 3 worcs races ( www.worcsracing.com) and did both 250 classed. also did 3 MRAN GP's ( www.mranracing.com) entering in on the adult novice class.
the first few worcs races were tough but my son made the challenging tracks with little problem. eventually by the 3rd worcs weekend he got 4th out of 10 in both classes. the big surprise was winning 2 of the 3 mran races in the adult class. and placing 3rd in the other. We thought wow if he can do that how would he do if we tricked out the bike alittle. so here is what we have done so far.
Pro taper cr high evo bars
pro taper medium waffle grips
pro taper bar mounts
dg front bumper
dg nerf bars
fmf powercore 4
fmf jet kit
durablue power filter
pro design kill switch
cut holes in airbox
removed parking brake
removed tail light
pics coming soon
all of this from www.rectires.com