All I can say it kudos to Fastheads for the job they did rebuilding my 2008 Honda 450r head. They turned it around in 3 days as promised. I had it back exactly 1 week from the day I shipped it.

I was going to go with the complete stainless steel rebuild for $399 (loss of 2-3 hp though) for durability. However, I found out they have another option for $699 that is more durable than stock and doesn't lose any hp (or you could go with $599 with stock intake valves and still not lose any hp). All of these are complete package pricing including all parts you need except for a gasket kit.

I definitely recommend checking them out.

I also paid them $35 to shim the cam. It came back spot on at .06 for intake and .11 for exhaust. I was really happy about this because I figured I would check it and then need to adjust...possibly ordering shims from Honda that come in 1/2 sizes compared to HotCam kits.

Go to Products - Honda - then scroll to the bottom for TRX450r pricing options.