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Thread: Yfz or kfx

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    Yfz or kfx

    Which is faster yfzr or kfxr

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    I have a 2 buddies one with a 09yfzr and one a 09 kfx and the kfx has 15t front sprocket, intake, exhaust and fuel controller. The yfzr has intake, exhaust, 08 intake cam, msd ignition, high comp piston (unsure of compression ratio). The kfx beats it in a drag everytime. Both riders are of equal skill and same size tires. I was suprised of the outcome.

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    The KFX does hold it's own in general.

    A few KFX's are significantly quicker than the vast majority though.

    I have been trying to figure out for a very long time what the difference is and have not found it yet. But some of them are considerably quicker. I own one of them.

    It is very weak off the bottom for technical situations, but has all kinds of acceleration out of the hole for drag racing and stuff.

    I would let a good drag racer run it against any stock bore sport quad with confidence. It's quick like that.

    Drag racing is not really my thing but if it were I'd be a happy camper. Our drag races in XC racing consist of a dead engine start and a few short bursts to corners on our way to the woods.

    Mine has notoriously not started all that well at the line when the flag drops. But even despite that and my total complete lack of focus on getting better at my part after the engine finally comes to life, I can still pretty effortlessly get a decent holeshot position, provided it at least starts in the first few revolutions. I have gotten some mid pack starts letting off the button and hitting it a second time.

    If it ever fires instant I will probably take the holeshot even though I don't even practice at it. It's a runner.

    Out in the open sections it will out run those build up Can Am 800's and 1000's if I hold it down. KTM is supposed to be something crazy too. But FRE's National motors couldn't pull on my KFX with a national rider aboard on a couple of real smooth sections of track and a hair pin turn. I was waving him by to my left after the hair pin and was floored when I realized he wasn't coming, and once I looked back I realized I was going to have to brake hard to give him a clean run at the next hair pin.

    It is not that my quad has a crazy top speed or anything. It just accelerates so hard. It is not a very XC friendly motor compared to my team mate's KFX's. To be honest it is a tiring hand full because it does not have the grunt to shift up a gear high mellow it out. At least not yet.
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    Head over to kfx450hq they know everything about the kfx and can answer any questions.

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