I recently picked up an 06 Grizzly 660 from a family member dirt cheap ($50) who did not have the time or money to fix the quad. Here is what I know about the quad. It was pinned going down a road for quite a while and it died. I was told it had a tick in the motor from the day they got it. When I went to look at it it turned over but had zero compression.

I pulled the head off and found two bent valves and a smashed piston. The wrist pin was pulled from the bottom of the piston and the piston skirt is either in the lower end in pieces our went out the exhaust. I can not tell if the connecting rod is bent but everything still rotates by hand in the bottom end. At the very least I will need a new cylinder, piston and complete head. I was thinking about going used parts other then a new piston kit.

I will pull the bottom end apart to get the crank inspected. At which time I will replace all the lower bearings and seals. I have searched for used engines and found the price is about $1500. I am guessing I could rebuild this one for much less and know I have a good engine.

Any advice, comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Attached are some pictures of what I have on my hands.