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Thread: May Quad of the Month entry thread

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    Jun 2010
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    "What I Lack In Horsepower I Make Up In Ingenuity"

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    Jun 2010
    whoops guess I was to late, will try another month
    "What I Lack In Horsepower I Make Up In Ingenuity"

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    my 250r

    I'M not going to win but ill give it a shot Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

    Frame: 1988 trx 250r
    A Arms: ASR +3
    Swingarm: stock
    Steering Stem: stock
    Stbilizer: don't have one yet
    Axle: stock
    Carrier: stock
    Locknut: stock
    Hubs F|R: stock
    Bars: Fasst Flexx bars
    Throttle/Clutch Lever:
    Grips: protaper
    Nerfs: DG Alloy
    Bumper: PRM
    Grab Bar: AC racing
    Front Shocks: works pro series
    Rear Shock: stock
    Brake Lines: satinless steel
    Rotors F|R: stock
    Rims F|R: front rock beadlocks and rear douglas beadlocks
    Tires F|R: maxxis mx in front and itp MR6's in the rear 8ich


    Plastic: maier plastic
    Graphics|Seat Cover: one grapics
    Number Backgrounds: nacs
    Handguards: powermadd
    Bar Pad: Fasst Flexx
    Fuel Tank: stock

    Engine|Drive System:

    Cylinder|Head: stock
    Bore & Stroke: bored .50 over
    Carburetor: 38mm
    Air Filter|Box: no air box esr kit
    Pipe|Silencer: fmf fatty
    Clutch|Plates: stock
    Gearing F|R: 13/38
    CDI|Killswitch: prodesign
    Cooling: stock radiator
    Otherort and polished carbon fiber reeds with reed spacer
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    The Man #77
    1988 TRX 250R
    1987 TRX 250R bought it from orignal owner im 2nd owner (in process of rebuild)
    1984 ATC 200X(SOLD)
    Just want to Thank my 2011 sponsors for sponsoring me this season Boyesen racing,ASV inventions

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    Olathe, KS
    Heres the wifes 2006 TRX450ER

    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

    Frame: OEM w/ Pappy Powder
    A Arms: Houser +2 w/ Pappy Powder
    Swingarm: Stock w/ Pappy Powder
    Steering Stem: Stock
    Stbilizer: N/A
    Axle: G-Force +3
    Carrier: Stock
    Locknut: Stock
    Hubs F|R: Stock w/ Pappy Powder
    Bars: Renthal 7/8
    Throttle/Clutch Lever: Stock
    Grips: Renthal
    Nerfs: Alba Pro Elite
    Bumper: TAG
    Grab Bar: Stock w/ Pappy Powder
    Front Shocks: C&D Tripple rate
    Rear Shock: Stock
    Brake Lines: Stock
    Rotors F|R: Stock
    Rims F|R: Stock fronts and ITP beadlock rears
    Tires F|R: Kenda Claws


    Plastic: OE Honda Black
    Graphics|Seat Cover: Spastik
    Number Backgrounds: N/A
    Handguards: N/A
    Bar Pad: Renthal
    Fuel Tank: Stock

    Engine|Drive System:

    Cylinder|Head: Venum 12.25 piston and stock head
    Bore & Stroke: Stock
    Displacement: 450
    Cam: 05 stock
    Carburetor: FCR
    Air Filter|Box: K&N Filter
    Pipe|Silencer: Two Brothers full pipe
    Clutch|Plates: Stock
    Gearing F|R: Stock
    CDI|Killswitch: Stock
    Cooling: Stock

    07' 450er Venom 12.25 piston, Baldwin mx cam, Dasa exhaust, JRD +3 LT arms, JRD LT swing arm, Axis front and rear, LSR +4 axle, Tag bars, ASV levers
    88R' Arens, pc2000 265, LRD pipe, Elka's, Laker plastic
    01 400ex 440 big bore, full WB pipe, Hot Cam stage 2, Elka rear
    wife- 2006 450er, lagear +2 arms, C&D stock rebuilds, dc-6 link,G-force
    +3 axle, Venom 12.25 piston, 05 stock cam, two brothers pipe, K&N
    2003 400 ex, Hot Cam stage 1, K&N, jet kit= For Sale

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    Dec 2005
    Moscow, Russia

    YFZ 450 2007

    -Motowoz Full suspension

    -SMC RACING +3 Arms

    -Lonestar racing +2 Axle

    -Precision steering stabilizer

    -Houser Racing +1 Stem

    -Flexx Handbars

    -Vortex throttle

    -Galfer brake lines

    -Curtis Sparks Racing set of Exhaust filter and jets

    -Magura hydrolic clutch

    -ITP Holeshot Tires

    -ITP Front Rims

    - Rear tire 18"

    Sprockets -15/36

    Best set for a bumpy ride)

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