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Thread: king quad 300 4x4 wont start!!!!

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    king quad 300 4x4 wont start!!!!

    hello i have alot of problems with this thing at first my son was riding and he made the mistake of running it in just 1st gear so he blew it up...went to look at the engine the valve was broken and made a nice hole in the piston ...screwed everything up in the top end! i got a brand new cylinder,valves,piston,gaskets and the hole deal...put it all together and it doesnt seem like it wants to start and all it cranks but nowere near to start....i can tell the piston is moving ...but looked at the timing chain and it is not does anybody have any ideas...? what i could have done to screw this up or what would make it not run by all of this ...need help asap...thank you

    i tryed giving as much info as i can ill help more as you guys try to help me

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    The timing chain goes from the crank up to the cam. So if the timing chain is not moving then the cam is not either.

    I am guessing its not connected to the crank or is broke.
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