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Thread: drag racing on hard packed dirt

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    drag racing on hard packed dirt

    i have a 1000 ninja which i have placed my 450r rear end under, i would like to know what the guys who have fast drag quads use for rear tires on hard packed dirt, i have a set of stock 450 rear tires with 3/16 carriage bolts for studs, it spins alot, and i see other guys just run 4snow tires and they do decent , mainly i would like to see what worked for other guys wiht higher horsepower quads before i sink more money in to it, thanks jeff

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    Dirt drags

    On Hard packed dirt, I run 18/52 gearing with 26 inch Realtors.
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    on hard pack i run 22 inch zippers. and turn down the spray a little
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    we run pro wedge 1s, studs, or sand tires unlimited. 4 snows will not hook your bike up, u have to much torque. realters work good to.

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    Pro wegde 1's .... Not 2's 1's!!

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    where ever there are trails, or races
    i drag race my yfz on clay which is hard packed. for it i run turf tamers. if its real hard packed like clay then you want something with the most surface area(like turf tamers).
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