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Thread: 400ex axle locknut removal

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    400ex axle locknut removal

    Beforehand spray lube on both nuts & inbetween nuts then tap with a hammer and spray lube on them everyday for a week before u do it ( to break free any rust or locktite ) turn the locknut down (counterclockwise) it will move in towards the carrier,about an inch will do then do the same with the reg. nut to expose locking ring, remove the ring then turn both nuts clockwise to back them off. It seems to me that the prep is the key! Just comes right off no problems! From what i've read alot of people are having problems removing them just thought I could give a helping hand, hope it helps someone. Thanks.

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    This was very helpful. I sprayed PB blaster once a day for about a week on my 2003 400ex. First push down with a Stilson wrench and both nuts gave. Thanks for the tip.

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    Does the threaded sleeve have splines on the inside that slip over the splines on the axle?

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    yes the sleeve is splined, i just had my carrier out the other day. well i was wondering if anyone had a good procedure for tightening the locknut after installation.
    it seems i over tightened the locknut this spring when checking everything over, which led to premature carrier failure. not only were my bearings busted to little pieces but the carrier itself was cracked all the way around on the locknut tight exactly does it need to be?
    a billet carrier should last more than 1 year right?
    '03 400ex, '87 cbr 600 hurricane

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