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Thread: interchangeable parts thread

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    interchangeable parts thread

    i figured id start and interchangeable parts thread. post what parts you know (100% sure) will fit on the 400ex.

    wheels: 450r, 250r, 250x, 300ex, 250ex, and z/kfx400 will fit.

    bumper: 450r

    shocks: 450r shocks will work but slightly mess up the geometry
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    the wheel hub will work
    getting back in the game lol got a abused 300ex

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    The 450r steering stem will work on a 400ex and vise versa.
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    bar clamps from a 300ex, 450r. petcock from a 300ex,

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    z400 bumper fits in the 400ex i have one

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    Valvestem caps from a 1996 plymouth voyager fot the 400ex.

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    Cut stock grab bar off drill 4 new holes and 250r grab bar fits perfect.

    450r rear shock works but is shorter than stock so it lowers rear ride hight.

    Yfz450 front shocks fit if you grind the top eye hole skinnier.

    250r front shocks work but im pritty sure their a little shorter than stock.

    People have used 250r rear shocks but their a bit longer than stock eye to eye.

    250r A-arms fit just need to shave the sleaves skinnier that the bolts go threw to mount them to frame.

    250r axle fits if you use the 250rs hubs.

    250r rear sprocket fits

    xr400 head gasket fits and makes the ex motor higher compression

    xr400 cam works and is about good as a stage 1 hot cam.

    450r bumper

    450r pegs fit

    Handle bars


    450r carb fits

    yfz/yz carb fits

    Lots of differant nerfs will fit.

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    Just last night I tried to put an Axis 250r shock on a 400ex. The top shock mount on the 400ex frame is too narrow. To fit a 250r rear shock on a 400ex, one would need to grind the sides of the top of the shock down so that it is more narrow. You would also need to cut or narrow the metal bushing for the top of the shock. So, it could be done, but I didn't want to start grinding on an Axis shock.

    Front shocks will interchange between a 250r and 400ex. They are slightly different lengths, but nothing significant enough to change the ride height more than an inch or so.

    I have heard there are some issues with running a 450r steering stem on a 400ex. I was too lazy to find the post on this forum discussing the same.

    I find that there are so many 400ex parts out there that they are cheaper than many parts for other models. But I also understand that once in a while someone will have a better part laying around for a different quad and they want to see if it will fit. That was the case with my Axis rear shock.
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