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Thread: the turbocharged 400ex everyone wants to see

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    Originally posted by pimpazzberetta
    A TDO4 is a damn big turbo.. for a quad. I had one as a stock turbo in my Dodge SRT-4.. with came stock @ 230 whp 250 wtq, with a few upgrade it was pushing 297 whp and 330 wtq. Upgraded to a S3 TDO5 370 whp and 375 wtq.

    How is the lag on that thing? Geez please get us some video's. I've got a TDO4HR just sitting around.
    ya but the fact is its still a neon front wheel drive. hahaha jk man
    but ya how much hp the quad have?
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    yea i'd really like to here the numbers you are getting out of it aswell? and if you ride with other quads and how well they keep up to you and what kind they are?

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    Looks like I was dead on with my turbo guess

    Also, just incase you guys aren't aware.

    Turbos are a lot less harsh on motors than people think. One thinks "boost" and immediately thinks future problems. I think if someone would design a beefy set of rings for the 400ex and run a CP piston at about 8.5:1 or lower you could have one 400ex that would make mod'd 450's look retarded, and with the proper setup be reliable as can be
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    I agree wit blown331 there is a guy in tucson that will make kits for any quad he has made a few turbo 400ex's and he found out that it will be just as reliable as a stock one using a lower comp piston. He did one like the same setup as the black one then he tried mounting the turbo up by the oil tank with the air filter off to the left of the machine by the shifter mostly for dunes because of it being so unprotected. He also told me because of the boost jetting is so critical and the slightest change in elevation could cause an unhealthy 400ex.
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    i drive a APR tuned stage 2+ turbo VW Jetta and i'd loveee to ride a turbocharged quad.. i could imagine what that'd be like on a motocross track, keep the revs up into the turbo range and haul ****in ***..

    are you running any sort of wastegate or blow off on the quad?

    looks nice, and def grab a digi camera and get some video's of that thing in action!! i'd love to see/hear it!
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