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Thread: which grab bar makes decent wheelie bar?

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    which grab bar makes decent wheelie bar?

    which grab bar woudl make a decent wheelie bar ... i dont want to get a stutn 12 bar but instead a grab bar to serve as a 12 bar...???


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    a xc bumper would probably work or a 6 pack rack if its strong enough

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    Stock... At least on most quads it is steel. You are not going to want to put a aluminum bar on there as it will grind right through it, if it doesn't just snap it off. Stock bars work suprisngly well if you don't slam down on them. Although they will wear out eventually.
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    I like prm grab bars... I have the desert grab bar and mine has held up to alot of abuse and is not worn down that bad and never broke.
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    ya these steal stock ones take so much abuse!! But mine is finally starting to get worn down from all the times I've draged it doing highway wheelies. so I've decided that instead of buying another one I'm going to just take my stock grab bar from a 250ex and weld it to the stock one on my 400ex, that way I have even more steel to go through
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    your best bet is to get someone to weld you a nice strong steel one.. just let them use your stock grab bar and go from there.. you can make it longer if you're having troubles getting your feet in the bar or shorten it if you like to have the quad real far back before you hit the bar..

    oh and you can probably get them to weld you a couple for a good price..
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    +1 on the stock steel, i have a desert alum on my 700r and you have to set it on the bar pretty easy or it bends, cant really do any bartricks for a long period of time or you'll go right thru.

    my 400's have steel stockers and you can slam back on them and grind away for quite awhile

    cheap too

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    buudy of mine broke his stocker then made one at the shop out of stainless steel he has hit that thing a million times just make sure you upgrade to grade 8 bolts the stockers wont last

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    i made on for the blaster after i snapped stock and i reinforced the one on the z...
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    prm is a great standard prm is very beefy and works great
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