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Thread: Speaking of grease...

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    Speaking of grease...

    Besides greasing my knob, what should I grease on my wheeler, I've seen all the other posts, but I theres a diff answer from diff people. does anyone know what honda recomends? And what kind of grease or oils you use? Would good old WD40 work or do i have to shell out some $$ to get a certian kind I guess.??
    Thanks in advance!
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    wd-40 is not gonna do any good anywhere on youre bike but it does work good as a degreaser on the motor. As far as grease goes thats a wide variety the one thing to keep in mind is certain greases do certain things i mean the things to look for in grease is where youre putting it and the thickener used in the grease itself the most common thickeners are synthetic organic thickeners, complex soaps or lithium, inorganic gelling agents such as clay. on most quad application you would be safe to use a synthetic grease primarily because it can handle high temp, it has good load carrying capacity ,and it wont wash out from moisture like a lot of the cheaper lithium based greases will. Try to find a synthetic with good anticorrosion agents, and rust inhibitors.And dont overpack youre bearings to much grease will cause heat and eventually ruin a bearing the same as it would without any grease.
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    Yep, barbwire is right. WD-40 is only good for a VERY temporary fix (ie reduce noise). In the long run it is going to pull all the grease out of your fittings.


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    the rule of thumb I use is better to have to much grease than not enough grease!
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    Marine grease works good in many places, its water proof.

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