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Thread: Some time with the 125

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    Some time with the 125

    So now that some of you have had some time with the 125, how do you like it? I am not looking for race ready, just something that will allow my daughter to follow us around out in the dunes. Her skill is pretty good, but the suzuki lt-50 just doesn't have the power to get it done. She doesn't like to jump very much, she just loves to ride around. We have to stop periodically and give her a push up the hill because of the lack of power. I have seen the suspension set up, and she has sat on one. It seems like it would be a good set up for her size, weight, and riding style. It fits her much better than an e-ton viper or kasea skyhawk. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've been very pleased with mine. I think for what you want to use it for, it would be great. Just put different rear tires and air filter and you would be set.

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