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Thread: Oil Change on 2004 650 Honda rincon

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    Oil Change on 2004 650 Honda rincon

    Please help me learn the rihgt way to change the oil and filter. I have asked before and everyone sugest different things. So far I have learned 1. Start engine and let it run to get warm
    2. Take oil plug out and drain oil
    3.put plug back in
    4. take filter out put new in
    5. Fill with oil roughly 3.1 quarts 10w40sj
    6. Start bike let it run 5-10min
    7. Check oil for appropriate level on dipstick
    Please tell me if I missed anything or have anything wrong. Some guys are telling me it is more complicated than this. Some suggest starting the engine after draining the oil to get more oil out. (is this safe)

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    Take the skid plate off first or you'll
    have a mess on your hands ,floor,bike!!!!!
    other then that I think you got it
    goleta locals

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    thank you

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    Rincon Oil Change

    Always use synthetic oil, don't let it run more than 3 seconds after you fill it to check the oil, do this a few times but wait 5minutes in between, this will cover YOUR *** ! I've seen a lot guys mess this up.


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