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    Thumbs down powerband

    Powerband recently sold me a durablue x-33 axle for my 400ex. It was to include the axle, the hubs, and the sprocket hub. After replying to my emails and pms very quickly I purchased the axle from him. After sending payment on 7/26/05, I really didn't hear much back from him for a while. After a couple of weeks of sending emails, and him telling me it would be there by the end of the week, I got nothing. He finally emails me and tells me the box was ripped and he needed to go back to the post office to give them a new one. Yeah ok whatever. I can live with that. Well my package arrives finally on 08/20/05. Yep almost a month after payment was made. I open the box to find the axle with two very nasty looking NON DURABLUE HUBS. I have no clue as to what these hubs fit, but I can tell you that they are not durablue hubs. After emailing him a couple of more times, he basically tells me that they bought if off ebay and just immediately sold it to me. Even though in one of his PMs he told me he was taking it off to put a g-force on. Im not sure which one was a lie, but one of those stories is. His last line to me was "I dont really know, so good luck" Yeah thanks a lot buddy. NO ONE BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SCAMMER!!!

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