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Thread: Pappy can you give some ideas? 400ex

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    Pappy can you give some ideas? 400ex

    Hey pappy, i have a 400ex and have alot of aftermarket. Only problem is im sick of going riding and seeing the same old 400ex's. Can you help me make mine look bad ***. You got the ideas i got the cash. Do you have any Pic's of 400ex you have done up?

    Only thing on my 400ex that is diffrent color is my side cases. They are kandy red.

    I was thinking about doing a red/black/silver sceme or a red/yellow/silver.

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    Who the hell knows
    i can do pretty much what ever YOU like. i try not to get involved in designing the quads color schemes too often. look around and pick out what makes you happy and the hell with anyone else's opinion
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