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02-26-2002, 02:08 PM
I've been looking into buying a used 2stroker and I am seeing something common with most that are for sale. They are advertised as having a "new top end". Can anyone tell me the meaning of that and if it is worth my time to invest in a bike that has had it done? Anything else I should now when looking into a used 2stroke?

02-26-2002, 04:10 PM
What kind of 2 stroker were you looking into buying?

A new top end consist of the following:

piston rings
wrist pin
wrist pin bearing
wrist pin circlips
new base gasket.

(the head gasket does not need to changed when doing a top end but it is wise to)

Be careful though!

Alot of people can say they did a top end, but ask them what they actually replaced.Also, ask for receipts for the recent top end they did replace.

some people consider doing a top end, replacing the rings

Alot of people replace everything except the wrist pin bearing. which is ok, but not if a couple top end jobs were performed.

A good thing to bring with you when you inspect a two stroke is a compression tester.
This will be able to tell you if the person is lying about the top end or not.
Usually 160-170 is what the compression tester should read on a new top end of a trx250r.

I think banshees are around 130- 140 psi per cylinder.(banshees need two compression testers at the same time to get a nice accurate reading) Though one will work.

I would also start the bike and run it through all the gears.

feel the clutch play. IS IT GOOD?

Make sure you let that 2 stroke warm up before you do any wide open runs. ALWAYS LET A 2 stroke to warm up!!!

02-27-2002, 10:38 AM
I looked at a couple banshee's and 4 250r's ... even a couple of dirtbikes. but like i said, the majority of them have new top ends.

Thanks beerock for your insight!