View Full Version : Traxter Max 650 Starter button does nothing

08-02-2014, 09:29 PM
I am working on an 05 traxter max 650 cvt. It had a bad battery so I jumped it off and got it running but anytime I pulled the jumper cables off it would say fail and die. So I bought a new battery and as soon as the new battery was hooked up I turned the key on and it blowed the main fuse. I replaced it and it hasn't blowed the fuse anymore. Now the odometer comes on again but when I hit the starter button I get nothing no click or anything. I did notice that the gear indicator lights aren't working would this keep it from starting? I checked the regulator/rectifier and im not sure im checking it right but im set on diode and I am getting the same reading on all 3 yellow wires.

08-02-2014, 09:31 PM
Any info is greatly appreciated I don't have a service manual because its my uncles and he was going to sell it. It had been setting 2 years and had some rats nest in it and so far I haven't found any wires messed up. When I jump the starter solenoid it will crank. I was starting to think maybe a gear position switch had went bad but wasn't for sure if it has one. Im also not sure if the rectifier/regulator would cause my problem.