View Full Version : First Service?

12-14-2001, 04:24 PM
When your 400ex first got broken in did it feel slower? After riding today my 400ex feels slower, when I jump on the gas it doesn’t take off like it did. Some times when you hit the gas it kind of bogs. Dose this mean its time to take it in for the first service and get the valves adjusted?


12-14-2001, 04:58 PM
No... check you choke

Tommy 17
12-14-2001, 05:10 PM
did u have a major change in temp... if u did u may need to re jet... did u add any mods like a air filter, no air box lid, pipe anything and u will need to rejet it...

do u hear any vavle pinging if so then u need to get them adjusted..

12-14-2001, 06:31 PM
if you bring your quad to the dealer you bought it from...is the first tuneup or checkup free?

12-14-2001, 07:21 PM
dirtwheels did a test awhile back that showed the 400ex producing the same HP after the valves had been adjusted WAY out of specs.

valve trouble is not your problem. have you cleaned your air filter?

12-15-2001, 05:38 PM
I think I would also check and play with the adjustment screw on the carb, might be running a bit rich.

12-16-2001, 05:19 PM
Maybe your throttle cable stretched. Check to see if it needs adjusted.