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We know the REEPER 4x4 by Oreion Motors handles well on the road and rides good. But I receive many question on how it handles off road. I have been an avid off road enthusiast, for the last 28 years. I have built up Jeeps that I have been in off road magazines with and have helped put on major off road events. About 15 years ago, I got tired of the major costs to keep up with the new technology and repairs to the Jeeps. So I turned my attention to ATV’s and the less expensive way to enjoy the “off the beaten path” of the outdoors. Having purchased and used all makes and models of ATV’s & UTV’s, I was introduced to the 4x4 REEPER by Oreion Motors, out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The more I read and after seeing the unit decided to add it to my 35 year old RV business as an accessory line of Recreational Vehicles. I was drawn to the all metal body & real doors, instead of plastic and fiberglass. The ability to flat tow this vehicle behind a Motor Home was a major plus. After driving these vehicles around northern Indiana and showing them at several Recreational Vehicle shows, we have been reasonably satisfied for our first year of sales.
We are taking a new 2013 4x4 REEPER by Oreion Motors out of Inventory which is 63” wide and a 800 Outlander Max Can Am two up ATV, which is 50” wide.

After leaving Indiana on 9-5-13 we headed for Moab, Utah, to experience the Red Slick rock formations, that we have visited and driven on before. Unfortunately the torrential rains that plagued us thru Colorado, were just as relentless in Moab. For three days we drove the REEPER around in the rain, with flash flood warnings abundant. Thank goodness for the standard Soft Top and windows, which keep us dry. We purchased a oscillating fan that clipped very nicely on the roll bar mount, just behind the windshield. It kept the windows fog free from our wet bodies as we climbed in and out of our REEPER.

This year as for the last 14 years we traveled on to the Richfield, Utah area. This is the center hub for the Paiute Trail system that stretches from the desert floor to the tops of the mountains at some 12,000 feet. Over the years we have experience many types of climate changes from storms, hail, snow, tornados, freezing temperatures, to the wonderful weather we are experiencing this year. Warm days and cool nights have finally settled in after major rains washed thru the area. The rains have left the feeder roads and trail system rough with deep ruts and washes. All the better for testing the durability of the 4x4 REEPER that Oreion Motors boost about its product.
The 2013 unit I am using is mainly a standard unit with a few dealer installed items. Of course the unit comes well equipped with everything from side plates to a 3000# winch. The unit comes as a street legal LSV unit, so it is equipped with all the standard items required to be licensed in 49 states. We installed a 3” body lift, a body bumper on the rear, (to protect it from me backing it into a tree and doing body damage.) The standard skid plates cover the center sections of the vehicle, to help if you would high side it going over a steep drop. We added a Heavy Duty Aluminum skid panel from the front of the vehicle to the center factory skid plates. ( I know how the trails are up here) We added a spare tire carrier behind the cab area and a lockable storage box on top of the cargo rack at the rear of the unit. It is nothing for us to ride more than 100 miles in a day on the trails, so you need to carry anything you may need in the line of repair items, tools, air pumps, ect. We have the standard soft top installed, since we have encounter so much rain, we keep the zip in side windows close at hand. We have installed fiberglass tension rods to keep the Soft top tight and free of pooling water.
We changed the standard 14” aluminum rims to 15” J speed Enkle rims and the standard 27” all terrain USDOT approved tire for 33” Mud Claw Radials. I do not believe this need to be done, but is more for show, along with the under body lighting system, that dances to the stereo music pumping out thru the all weather standard speakers.

One of our first trails was over a rock slide areas, that had closed the road and made it soft and full of rocks & mud. We are riding with several ATV’s that are well equipped for this type of riding and a excellent experience level of their riders. As we climbed up from 4,000 feet over the entrance roads and trails to Monroe peak, at 12,00 feet, I felt that I was short on power, using 1st & 2nd gears mainly. We proceeded on down the trail system and over to the Anderson Dairy trail area then up to a lofty meadow and reservoir. We crossed many streams, mud, narrow bridges, weaved thru wooded area and up and down steep slopes. Retuning back down to the desert floor area and to our two week home, of Richfield, Utah, we completed our 92 mile journey. After talking with some tech people, we determined that with the rapid change in altitude , that the computer was not making the necessary changes, to the engine for the Altitude we were operating in, instead of flat Indiana. I disconnected the negative post on the battery for 1 minute and the reconnected, so the computer would readjust itself. Tomorrow we will see if it makes an difference.

Today was a big difference in performance of the vehicle. Today we were able to use 2nd, 3rd & 4th gears on the trail. The REEPER preformed good at climbing steep hill, crawling over rocks and twisting thru the trees on a more difficult trail on the Paiute Trail system. Being able to down shift to create hold back pressure on those long steep downgrades was a plus. The trails are very washed out with long deep ravines that gave the ATV’s problems crossing and trying not to slide one side of tires into them. I was surprised at the easy the REEPER would drive across and thru these wash out areas easily. We never felt as if the REEPER was unstable or would roll over. In fact it was a pleasure driving, because I, as the driver, was able to look around and see the beauty this wonderful area had to offer. We have continued to drive the REEPER, with two people in it, over miles & miles of trails of all kinds. We have keep close eye on the off road mileage of the vehicle. Oreion says the REEPER should get 40+ MPG on the roadway. All Of our tanks of gas have run 28 to 31 MPG on the rough trails. We believe this is very respectful and not sure how many vehicles that weigh 1410 # dry weight, could do as good.

After several Days and over 400 miles of off road trail riding, we mounted our Can Am 800 Outlander Max 2 up ATV, for a day of trails that had a 50” restriction. Our machine is well equipped for rugged off road riding, with big tires, skid plates and axles protectors. We also were accompanied by 12 other ATV’s of different brands and 3, 800 Polaris Razors, 50” wide. On the Paiute Trail System about 20% of the trails have a 50” restriction. Of course the 63” REEPER would not traverse these trails. Most new trails being built today are 64” wide, to accommodate the over 50” ATV’s that are so popular today. The only thing that made this trail 50” restriction was a narrow wood bridge we had to cross, to protect a soft environmental area. I believe in future years this trail as other will be updated to 64” wide.
Again we traveled from 5,000 to 11,000 feet, over rocks thru a lot of mud and water, around trees and up & down steep slopes.
My first thought was why is my engine revving so high, after being used to the lower sound level & RPM’s of the REEPER. Following one of the 50” Razors, I keep looking up to see who was flying a model plane over us. The constant high pitch whine of the 800 Razor engine, sounded just like a model plane. Quickly I remembered that ATV’s have to turn at a high RPM to run the Centrifugal clutch that squeezes the slipping belt to propel the 900# machines up the trails systems, and they do a good job of it. Unlike the 5 speed direct drive transmission of the REEPER.
All of the rider have considerable experience in Off Road travel. But we all had to maneuver with great caution not to slip a wheel in one of the deep ravines that were washed out of the trails. On more than one occasion, including myself, we had wheels in the air from the rough terrain. No one turned over, but some close calls on this 80 mile trail. You had to pay very close attention to where you were driving, with no real relaxation accept on frequent stops to collect all the riders back up. No matter how well equipped your ATV’s are, off camber locations, deep ravines and deep mud holes can gives you definite opportunities for the unpleasant spill or turn over. The narrow 50” Razors are a good alternative for these narrow trails, if you are looking for a side by side that gives you a little more secure feeling, because of the roll cage structure around you. These vehicle are low slung and drag heavily in the deep mud. The operators of the Razors did complain of the load noise inside the cabin area, which made it hard to converse with the passenger. Not like the quietness of the REEPER, where we talked and listened to the standard stereo. But all three of the Razor units did well in maneuvering thru this trail. I personally don’t like the cramped space in one of these 50” machines. I like to be able and move around and use body English to maneuver my ATV. In the Razor you are just along for the ride. Deep water can get your butt wet in the seats of the Razors, but I can stand up and just get my feet wet on my ATV. I found myself missing the ease of driving the REEPER and the stability of the wider track and being able to drive and look around at the scenery and not having to watch the trail so close. Today I am more tired than I have been at the end of any of the REEPER driving days.

I feel that you can purchase and equip any one vehicle to do an excellent job, of what every one thing, you want it to do. Be it trail riding, rock crawling, sand riding, hill climbing, water crossings, road driving or just pleasure use. But you would have to have several unit and spend a lot of money to own them, to do all of these things Excellent.

My Opinion of the REEPER 4x4 by Oreion Motors: It is not EXCELLENT at any one thing but it is GOOD at all of these things.
I do not know where you could find one vehicle that is built, Off Road Tuff and can do all of the things you want do when you are Off and ON Road, but yet is Street Legal in 49 States. You can always find a unit, that will do that one thing better, but I don’t believe you will find any Vehicle that has everything the REEPER 4X4 has to offer as standard equipment and can do all of these things GOOD. Especially for around $14,000.

I will not be selling my 800 Outlander Max Cam Am two up machine, anytime soon, as I enjoy the thrill of on the edge riding, but I will be driving the REEPER, more frequently.

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10-09-2014, 09:32 PM
I see there are zero replies to your message. I take it that you are pleased with the Reeper by Oreion. I am contemplating selling them out of my shop. I would like to hear your thoughts and hopefully honest opinion about them.