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06-17-2010, 09:22 PM
As always, anyone if free to enter their quads, here are the rules, and the mods list.

Mods list:


06-17-2010, 11:45 PM
Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame: powder coated with bare performance gusset kit
A Arms: Gibson Long travel +3
Swing arm: stock powder coated candy blue
Steering Stem: ARS-FX +2
Stabilizer: precision
Axle: lonestar axcalibur
Carrier: gibson
Locknut: stock
Hubs F|R: stock
Bars: renthal long horn fat bars
Throttle/Clutch Lever: works connection
Grips: oury
Nerfs: DG national black race pegs
Bumper: Rath PC black
Grab Bar: blingstar
Front Shocks: Long Travel Elka quad rates.
Rear Shock: GT Thunder mx revalved with mx linkage
Brake Lines: galfer ss +2
Rotors F|R: streamline wave rotors
Rims F|R: front 4:1 Rok Out Douglas ultimate’s/rear 8x8 Douglas ultimate bead locks
Tires F|R: razr cross 20x6-10 fronts/artrax mxtr 18x10-8 rears


Plastic: 06 SE yellow/black
Graphics-Seat-Cover: stock seat/Morehead Motorsports graphics
Number Backgrounds: morehead motorsports/clutch ind.
Hand guards: powermadd
Bar Pad: renthal
Fuel Tank: stock

Engine-Drive System:

Cylinder/Head: oem
Bore & Stroke: 95mm 13.5:1 JE piston
Displacement: 95mm
Cam: stock with cam mod
Carburetor: stock/jetted/carb spring mod/ziptie mod/msr fuel screw
Air Filter-Box: UNI modded box with FCI intake
Pipe/Silencer: Sparks full system
Clutch |Plates: 08 yz450f dirt bike clutches
Gearing F|R: 14/38
CDI/Kill switch: oem CDI/pro design tether kill switch
Cooling: Engine Ice




06-20-2010, 06:11 PM
Frame: Stock CAAD
A Arms: Houser +3 LT
Swingarm: Stock
Steering Stem: Stock Arens Bros.
Stabilizer: N/A
Axle: LSR Axcaliber
Carrier: LSR Billet Twin Row
Locknut: LSR Anti-Fade
Hubs F|R: Stock/400EX
Bars: Pro-Taper
Throttle/Clutch Lever: Stock/Stock Magura Hydraulic
Grips: Pro-Taper Pillow Top
Nerfs: AC Racing
Bumper: AC Racing
Grab Bar: Stock
Front Shocks: Custom Axis Triple Rate Fully Adjustable
Rear Shock: Ohlins ZPS Fully Adjustable
Brake Lines: LSR Dual Lines
Rotors F|R: Stock
Rims F|R: Hiper CF1/DWT Beadlocks
Tires F|R: Holeshot MXR6


Plastic: Stock Silver Cannondale w/Carbon Fiber Hood
Graphics|Seat Cover: N/A/Stock
Number Backgrounds: N/A
Handguards: N/A
Bar Pad: N/A
Fuel Tank: Stock

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: Wistech Ported
Bore & Stroke: 95mm/61mm
Displacement: 432cc
Cam: MegaCycle
Carburetor: 46mm Throttle Body
Air Filter|Box: UNI w/Outerwear/Cyclone
Pipe|Silencer: Modified Header/HMF
Clutch|Plates: Updated Stock
Gearing F|R: 13/38
CDI|Killswitch: Optimum GP Control MC1000/Gunnar
Cooling: Liquid
Other: Aluminum oil pump gears, aluminum valve cover, aluminum impeller, Blue Bolts w/NordLocks, Z-400 rod bearing, Re-located fuel pump and pressure regulator, Larger fuel pump inlet, Dyno tuned.

06-20-2010, 06:12 PM

06-20-2010, 06:14 PM
Another 1

06-20-2010, 09:25 PM
1998 Yamaha Banshee 350 TWIN

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame: Powder coated Blue
A Arms: Full Flight Racing +2+1
Swing arm: Stock
Steering Stem: Stock
Axle: Durablue Eliminator
Carrier: Stock
Locknut: Durablue
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: Renthal Fat Bars
Throttle: Stock
Clutch Lever: Sun Line Racing Clutch
Grips: Pro Taper Waffle Grips
Nerf Bars: AC Racing
Bumper: AC Racing Bumper With Number Plate
Grab Bar: AC Racing with Numbers Plate
Front Shocks: Works Racing Triple Spring With Reservoir
Rear Shock: Works Rebuild Racing Shock with Reservoir
Brake Lines F|R: Stock
Throttle Cable: Stock
Rotors F|R: Stock
Brakes F|R: Stock

Plastic: Blue Race Cut Fenders
Graphics|Seat Cover: Factory Effex
Number Backgrounds: White
Handguards: Blue Powermadd
Bar Pad: Yamaha Racing

Cylinders|Head: MX Ported Vito’s Pistons/Shaved Head
Bore & Stroke: Bored .30/+4 Vito’s Stroker Crank
Displacement: 380cc
Reed Valves: V-Force 3 Carbon Fiber Reeds
Carburetor: Keihin 45mm Carbs
Air Filter|Box: K&N Air Filters
Pipes|Silencers: Bills Racing Pipes with Silencers
Clutch|Plates: Racing Clutch with Stock Plates
Gearing F|R: 13T/41T
CDI|Killswitch: Pro Design
Cooling: Radiator Cooled, Stock Water Pump
Extras: AC Racing Nerf Bars with Heel Guards, Lightened FlyWheel, Ported and Polished Cylinder and Head

<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=DSCF1002.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/DSCF1002.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=DSCF1003.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/DSCF1003.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=DSCF1007.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/DSCF1007.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=DSCF1009.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/DSCF1009.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=DSCF1008.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/DSCF1008.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=DSCF1010.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/DSCF1010.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=l_7ed60fd383bf38227bebc50e4ddb2d3d.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/l_7ed60fd383bf38227bebc50e4ddb2d3d.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/?action=view&current=l_390c6187db85cd56962c1a7627c222bb.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m177/skangster1/l_390c6187db85cd56962c1a7627c222bb.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

06-22-2010, 12:01 AM
Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: Stock
A Arms: JB + 2 3/8
Swingarm: Walsh Savior LT
Steering Stem: Stock`
Stbilizer: None
Axle: RPM Dominator II
Carrier: Lonestar
Locknut: Stock
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: Pro Taper
Throttle/Clutch Lever: ASV Lever w/ Quick Adjust Perch
Grips: ODI Lock-on diamond pattern
Nerfs: Pro Armor/Pro-Am
Bumper: AC MX
Grab Bar: Stcok
Front Shocks: PEP ZPS
Rear Shock: Custom Axis LT
Brake Lines: Galfer
Rotors F|R: Stock
Rims F|R: ITP T-9 Pro/DWT Rock Out
Tires F|R: ITP Quadcross


Plastic: OEM Black
Graphics|Seat Cover: E-Sticky
Number Backgrounds: E-Sticky
Handguards: none
Bar Pad: Honda
Fuel Tank: OEM

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: Stock/CT Racing
Bore & Stroke: Stock
Displacement: Stock
Cam: Web Cam
Carburetor: OEM
Air Filter|Box: UNI
Pipe|Silencer: CT Racing Sonic Pipe
Clutch|Plates: OEM
Gearing F|R: 13/36
CDI|Killswitch: Stock/Pro Design
Cooling: PWR Radiator

06-22-2010, 12:02 AM
Pic 2

06-22-2010, 12:03 AM
pic 3

06-22-2010, 12:17 AM
Givin' it another shot.
Heres my hybrid 650r:

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: 2003 400ex, Self Fabricated for engine, radiator, etc..
A Arms: Fullflight +2 +1
Swingarm: Custom +5
Steering Stem: Burgard Antivibe +1
Stbilizer: None
Axle: Custom RPM Dominator II
Carrier: Custom RPM
Locknut: LSR Antifade
Hubs F|R: Stock 400ex/LSR Aluminum Rears
Bars: ProTaper High CR Bend
Throttle/Clutch Lever: Moose/MSR
Grips: ODI Rogue Lock ons
Nerfs: None
Bumper: None pictured
Grab Bar: PRM Desert for a 87 250r
Front Shocks: Elka Rec Series
Rear Shock: Elka Elite Dual Rate
Brake Lines: Streamline Extended
Rotors F|R: Tusk Wave Rotors
Rims F|R: Douglas Black Labels
Tires F|R: Skat Trak 22x10x8 10 Paddle Extremes/Skat Trak 21x7x10 Smooth Buffs


Plastic: Maier Carbon Fiber, Cut To Fit
Graphics|Seat Cover: Jettrim, +1 in. extra foam
Number Backgrounds: None
Handguards: None
Bar Pad: Pro Taper
Fuel Tank: IMS 4.3 gallon

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: HRC 10:1 comp. piston/Mild Port and Polish
Bore & Stroke: 100.0mm x 82.6mm
Displacement: 649cc
Cam: HRC Stage 1
Carburetor: Mikuni tm40
Air Filter|Box: K&N ds450 with Outerwears/Custom Box
Pipe|Silencer: HMF Ballance Series w/ Custom LED Headers
Clutch|Plates: HRC
Gearing F|R: 14/44
CDI|Killswitch: HRC
Cooling: PWR Custom
Other: Subframe converted from 400ex to 250r, Relocated oil tank to behind the airbox, Custom kick lever, This conversion was done 100% by me, I did not pay a shop to build it. It was my senior project for my high school. Over 100 logged hours. For having mild motor mods, it made 52 hp, and 45 ft/lbs, with 42 ft/lbs at 1500 rpm.

<a href="http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/?action=view&current=IMG_7861.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/IMG_7861.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/?action=view&current=IMG_7859.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/IMG_7859.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/?action=view&current=IMG_7857.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/IMG_7857.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/?action=view&current=IMG_7431.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/IMG_7431.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/?action=view&current=IMG_7430.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/IMG_7430.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
<a href="http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/?action=view&current=IMG_7941.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u276/ramco17/IMG_7941.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

06-23-2010, 11:22 AM
hell why not ill throw up my toy
Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: 03 warrior
A Arms: lt set-up asr +2,+1, rock 1.5" spacers
Swingarm: stock
Steering: stock
Stbilizer: None
Axle: g force
Carrier: stock
Locknut: stock
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: ProTaper banshee bend
Throttle/Clutch Lever: stock
Grips: spider grips
Nerfs: alba with custom yfzr pegs
Bumper: prm baja
Grab Bar: stock
Front Shocks: stock yfz
Rear Shock: stock
Brake Lines: stock
Rotors F|R: stock
Rims F|R: Douglas Red Labels
Tires F|R: front- 21" maxxis razrs. rear- 20" maxxis razrs, 22" itp mudlites


Plastic: stock
Graphics|Seat Cover: custom deadlast kit
Number Backgrounds: deadlast
Handguards: None
Bar Pad: Pro Taper
Fuel Tank: stock

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: stock
Bore & Stroke: stock
Displacement: 350cc
Cam: stock
Carburetor: stock
Air Filter|Box: mod quad, lid gone
Pipe|Silencer: fmf
Clutch|Plates: EBC
Gearing F|R: 14/40
CDI|Killswitch: alba
Cooling: custom oil cooler

Other: sweeeeet import monster can on the rezzy

mud set up
at the flat track

07-05-2010, 06:16 PM
Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: stock w sandragon gusset kit
A Arms: houser racing +2.25
Swingarm: houser racing +1.25
Steering Stem: houser racing +2
Stbilizer: precision pro
Axle: RPM denominator 2
Carrier: RPM millennium
Hubs F|R: stock
Bars: trail tech
Throttle/Clutch Lever: ASV
Grips: ODI
Nerfs: blingstar factory
Bumper: blingstar dc racer
Grab Bar: blingstar
Front Shocks: elka JET SUSPENSION
Rear Shock:elka JET SUSPENSION
Brake Lines: streamline
Rotors F|R:streamline
Rims F|R: hiper
Tires F|R:itp mxr6


Plastic: maier
Graphics|Seat Cover: JET SUSPENSION CUSTOM w custom seatcover by THE SHOP
Number Backgrounds:
Handguards: N/A
Bar Pad:
Fuel Tank: stock

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: DASA race head
Bore & Stroke: stk
Displacement: 450
Cam: megacycle
Carburetor: fcr
Air Filter|Box: fuel customs
Pipe|Silencer: dasa
Clutch|Plates: hinson
Gearing F|R: stock
CDI|Killswitch: pro designs
Cooling: engine ice