View Full Version : 2-questions About Rides Section.

01-19-2003, 05:09 AM
HEY BEN MAN, good job with the site....
whats up leo, (i know you see this)

hey man..
1)--i posted 3 pics in the rides section
(300ex on page 3 i think, flame seat cover)
how can i go back and post my name under my pic, to let everyone know that it's my bike.
(nothin' to be proud of i know)
if i can "edit" the signature under my pic, then can you?
if you can reply and say so, i'll describ that pic alittle better for you

2)--how about a 450/426 section?...or a "MODIFIED" section in the rides gallery
you know how many users sport the big boy bikes, i look through the 400ex rides and i see 450f's and 426's

it'll be a place for you to post, 400's with differant engines, 300ex's with 350x motor's. 250r's so on...aftermaket chassis.
no big bore's in the section though. only bike's that are hybrid

...i know it's a honda site, but what about non-honda gallery,
z's, 660's, 650's, 350-T'S, blasturds.
(haha rapturd, blasturd crazy man)---yes i have been drinking)