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03-06-2008, 09:24 PM
hey does any one know where to just get a high flow header for a 660 rhino. there use to be a company selling them on ebay. however i have not seen them latley. or do i actually need one. i have the white bros slip on? I'm wanting to make min a 686 cam port the head and possible a carb kit. is stock headers good enough or do i need high flow one? Thanks


03-17-2008, 11:27 PM
For now you can mod your stock headpipe. The stock headpipes on the rhino's have lot of excess weld gooped up in the exhaust port opening. You can remove the excess weld(leave enough to keep the joint good though) This alone will help a good bit with the flow.

As for the mods you listed you are doing, i would recomend going with a full dual exhuast setup(theres also a couple good single pipe setups also) and a good carb/intake. Depending on the extent of the port work and valetrain, the stock style carb/intake and average pipe setup will hold you back alot. Keep in mind these things are very detuned, and with a fully ported head, upgraded valvetrain and a good piston/bore you can get close to double your stock HP with the proper carb/intake and exhaust.

Thank you