View Full Version : Saw a bad ***** typhoon sunday

02-25-2008, 01:27 AM
i saw one bad typhoon saturday at an arena cross race here locally. my son was suppose to race but came down with 103 temperature friday so that was out. i went anyway just to watch and hang out with friends. even though my son has been off the minis for over a year i am still pretty involved with them. anyway i was in the pits and say this blue typhoon then they started it up i knew there was no way it was stock. i watched the race and it was really fast. an apex 100 got the holeshot but the typhoon was right with it and stayed within a quad length from the apex the whole race. i think with a little better rider the typhoon could have beaten the apex. i went over and looked the quad over and talked to the father a little but he was pretty tight lipped. i did get out of him that it has a 143cc big bore kit in it and was a manually clutch and he swore it was a typhoon motor. i though the typhoon 125 motor could not be converted to a manual clutch. everything i have read says you can not put a manual clutch on the dual clutch 125 motor. even on xtremes website the have a kit to change the 70 and 90 to a manual clutch but it says it will not work on the 125 motor. has anyone heard on this kit ? i would love to have one to build like that one for a bad little pit bike. i know where i can get an almost new typhoon for $500 and if i could convert it to a manual clutch i would jump on the quad and buy it in a heart beat. anyway has anyone done this or heard of a kit to do it.


02-26-2008, 12:00 AM
if you can get a fresh typhoon for 500 bucks you are crazy not to. you can buy a brand new zero hour manual clutch 125 gpx motor from pitster for 400 and throw a 146 big bore kit in it for 189. and presto you havea runner. that is what i did to my sons typhoon. it hauls ars. even with me on it. with him he can run wit the modified lt80s on the flat track. and he even beats them

02-26-2008, 08:45 AM

Xtreme has a high performance (146cc) big bore motor available and it comes with a manual clutch...