View Full Version : renegade 800 ?

07-03-2007, 05:17 PM
thinking about getting one coming off a yfz450,,looked at the brute force as well, what you suggest ?


Outlaw 50
07-04-2007, 07:23 AM
The Brute Force and the Renegade only have 2 things in common. They are both belt drive and they are both heavy.

The Brute will not handle anything like the Renegade but for the price difference it's worth considering.

Coming from a yfz450 will be a big change in riding style. The weight of the quad will almost double.

07-16-2007, 09:14 AM
I just traded my 07 450r for a renegade 800. At first I did feel a little uneasy about the weight but I needed the bike to make it easier to ride double through the trails here.

Now for the suprise. After I got it in the woods I was very impressed. I believe it climbs hills better than my 450r and it was the best thing I ever rode on steep, rocky, hills with roots in them. The renegade has almost as much instant power as the 450's. It climbs steep hills with no problem, it stays on the ground, it is not front end light. I never put it in four wheel drive to climb the hills like most utilities do. I am impressed thus far.

The only problem I have found is it puts a lot more heat off from the engine and exhaust. I put a header wrap on the exhaust and it fixed that. It still puts off a lot of heat when the fan kicks on but not to bad just more than I am use to. I also don't like the front brake lever on the left side. They are changing that in 08. I am going to move mine to the right side. Other than that I have not found any problems with it. I rode it about 175 miles this weekend so this is all I know for now. I am well pleased with the bike for what I need one to do.

Like I said it will climb every hill my 450r would and it is more comfortable. You don't even notice the weight difference after you get use to it. The r would slide around curves better than the 800 but the 800 will slide any where you want to give it the fuel. I did not mind spending the extra money at all.

08-02-2007, 07:47 AM
I have had a 450R since feb of 05. Bought a Renegade to ride with an older group of ultility riders. They just went to slow for the R. And the snow was getting to me last winter. So I figured Id ride the Gade only when I was with this group or it was extremly muddy or deep snow. Boy was I wrong, I recieved my Gade at the end of march and other than playing in the yard Ive took my R on 2 rides. The Gade is all but as snappy as my R. Ive drag raced all my buddies on there 450s and up until 65mph the Gade is right with them and these are not stock 450s. 2 of my friends have brutes, they line up with me all the time with the same results, the brute just dont compare. 1 went as far to buy some a chip and other things and still cant keep up in a drag race. 1 more thing Im 6'3" and weigh 380, so Im giving up almost 200 pounds of body weight to these guys.

As far as price, after adding wheels and the holeshot atrs and a extended warranty the price was under $500 difference out the door. The way I seen it less than 500 for better handling and 14hp and around 29 foot pounds of torque it was a bargin. I couldnt add enough mods to a brute to get the 14hp back for under 500. My only complaint with the gade is the same with every quad Ive ever rode, the springs on the back are to weak. I know why though. Hope this helps.

08-02-2007, 10:36 AM
I am the same as you. I am more and more impressed with the 800 every time I ride it. The only problem I see is I still miss the right side brake control. I know that in 08 they put it on the right side but mine don't have it. I have been climbing the same hills I climbed on my 450 and in most cases the 800 feels and handles better of as good as the 450 did. You are also right about the money. It is not any higher if you just add the warranty not to mention the wheels and tires. Overall I really like mine and I am a die hard Honda man. So far my top speed is 73-75. The dealer told me that when I got about 1500 miles on it or when it broke in it would run around 80-83 stock. The most impressive thing is the power out of the hole and the handling.

01-29-2009, 08:18 AM
I have a 2007 Renagade 800 EFI also, the top speed for mine so for has been 82mph, of course it was after the breaking in period but, I was thinking of increasing the horse power a little bit and was wondering if puting a race exhuast would do the trick, but not sure of what brand to go with. Does any one have a sugestion for me? It would be appreciated. I have had a blast with it being stock altho, not to many machines around this neck of the woods that can keep up with me. It`s monster in mud and snow, but on the occasion you do get it stuck(3 times for me so far, got it hung up on the frame in the swamp and once in the snow, blame it on going too slow) the weight and the suspension travel makes it very hard for one person to get un stuck. Other than that I would recomend this machine to any one looking for some serious fun. Alsoall my friendswant to get one now after riding mine just once. The independent suspension makes the ride very comfortable and smooth even going thru rough trails.