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03-30-2007, 08:08 PM
Ok, I have been riding for just a little over a year. The thing is i cant ride a wheelie for more than 10 feet. I need some suggestions on how to do it. Any help would be great.

03-30-2007, 08:21 PM
practice and dont be scared to stand it up.........if u are a little scared put one foot on the rack or wheely bar (which ever one u have) to start with then go with it sitting down

03-31-2007, 10:57 AM
i used to be exactly like you and what i did to start off was i sat down towards the back of the seat andjust hit the gas got it upand if you feel its going over tap your back brake so it dont go over and eventually you will be able to ride one really slow it first or go all out in 5th. its really kind of hard to explain

04-01-2007, 03:14 PM
What you want to do is learn the quads balance point and brake control.

The Balance Point:
It's when you no longer have to give the quad MORE gas to keep it up in the air, your essentially balancing that 350lb quad in the air. you should hear the quad/muffler ''holding the same note''. it shouldnt rev up loud, nor should it bog down, you'll get to a point that it will just balance. if you hear the quad getting louder, you want to get the front wheels higher because your NOT in the balance point.

Brake Control:
Use the rear brake to your advantage while learning the basic stunts. use it to keep the quad at the balance point. if you feel the quad starting to drop, simply give it a LITTLE BIT of throttle. If you feel the quad going back too far past the balance point, simply TAP your rear brake.

The easiest way to LEARN wheelies is doing 2nd gear ''foot in bars''. what you want to do is take your LEFT foot and put it in your grab bar. (the quad should be at a dead stop in 2nd gear) take your RIGHT foot and put it so that its covering the rear brake but your not putting pressure on it. from there, just play with the clutch and the gas. start practicing clutching it up and find out how much clutch vs. gas you have to give it to get to a comfortable, desired height.

Once you've gotten that. Go ahead and clutch the quad up in the way I described above. Doing a foot in bar wheelie is simple and the safest way to go to learn. If you DO go back too far and dont have time or forget to hit that rear brake, all you have to do is hop off! Now to begin, have the quad in second gear and get at a very slow roll and remember how much clutch vs. gas YOU need to give it to get at a comfortable height. Once you've clutched the quad up, bring it up to the balance point, basically till you FEEL like the quads going to go backwards on you. Then TAP that rear brake and feel out the balance point. Play with it for a bit and feel out how ''long'' the balance point is on the quad. I'll tell you the yfz balance point isnt huge. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN YOU'VE HIT THE BALANCE POINT. just keep doing that until you've gotten to where you can hold it in the balance point and remember to work your rear brake, IT WILL SAVE YOUR ***......TRUST ME!!!

Once you've learned brake control and balance point you can start messing with other stunts. And once you've gotten really good with the feel and the ''size'' of the balance point you can begin doing stunts where your feet arent in reach of that rear brake. From there its all throttle control. You can do stunts such as a ''spreader'' or a ''special k'' and use throttle control to keep the quad in the balance point and not have to worry about the rear brake.

Everyone will tell you to drop your tire pressure, but from my personal experience.....I've found I like it better with a good amount of air in the tires rather than having the sidewalls bulging out. But fill your tires up and mess with it, figure out how much you prefer to have in them once you get to the balance point and brake control. You'll feel a difference once you've learned HOW to wheelie.

Another thing that will help you out is turning up your idle. Your idle is located on the LEFT side of the quad near the carb. It's a black nob. You can put the quad in neutral and turn it up or down to how high you want the quad to stay rev'ed. This shouldnt be messed w/ so much until you've learned how to wheelie correctly. i prefer to leave mine alone because the different stunts you may do will cause you to need the idle in a different spot. Such as doing a foot in bar wheelie you can have the throttle up pretty damn high to make it so you dont have to worry as much about working/using your throttle. But if your doing a highchair with it in the same spot that you had it when doing that foot in bar you may find yourself belly up with the quad on you, lol.

04-01-2007, 10:52 PM
ok... thanks for the help guys