View Full Version : Dang 250ex suspension, what fits?

01-12-2007, 10:58 PM
Ok, im sure this has been cover a little. My GF's 250 bucks horrible. She "says" the front suspension is "ok" but the rear is like riding a rodeo bull. Since then I have installed a 400ex front shock in the rear. It helped a little, but she doesnt weigh enough, and the 400's cant be revalved to slow the rebound. Its kinda like a pogo stick. With going to the 400 shock it aloud be some adjustment, but not the type i think i need. My question is what option do I have. Do I need to do the rear and front shocks in order to get the best outcome? I know works makes shock but are ungodly expensive, and im trying to get her to to be a better rider so she can move up. I think I heard that 300ex shocks fit. But what do they fit? Do the fronts of the 300 fir the fronts on the 250EX. Also I heard a 2001 raptor rear shock fits the rear of a 250, and those are re sprng able and can be revalved. Also it sucks that the a-arms and swing arm are so short and narrow. Would it help it I got offset rims to try and widen the quad out alittle? Sorry for all the ?'s.I just need to get her a better ride so she enjoys this sport a little more.