View Full Version : kfx80 to a typhoon 70??? help

12-14-2006, 10:36 PM
i am looking at selling my osns 2005 kfx 80 to get him a more capable quad for racing motocross. the kfx does great for flat track. butht esuspension leaves aot to be desiered.

My questions are these....

my so has coming from a automatic 80cc 2stroke to a shifter 4 stroke. righ tnow all my local dealer can get me is a 70 untill mid feb. i want to get it now. What is the going price for the 70. wil the 70 provide enough power for now. till i can upgrade his motor.

two... i am being told that if i buy a 70 i can just switch it out with a pitbike motor instead of having ot buy a typhoon upgrade motor, any one have any help here.


12-18-2006, 04:31 PM
If you switch to a pitbike motor you will lose the electric start. Personally I would hold out for the 125 becasue it has a superior clutch setup to the 70 & 90 but the 70 & 90 are not too shaby of a set up. The 70 although runs really good once you put a CDI box on it, it has the large valves like the 125 and the large carb like the 125. Also, you can upgrade the jug/piston to a 113cc for around $150. I weigh 180 and with my sons 70cc I can pitch it sideways with ease and all that has been changed is the cdi box. We also have a 125cc and I don't really notice too much more power with it than the 70cc. Hope this helps.

12-18-2006, 05:22 PM
Is it the clutch that is diff. the tranny or Both?

12-18-2006, 09:28 PM
ok here is what i have figured out so far.

typhoon 90 2000 out the door
drr 90 2400 plus shipping
trx 90 2500 plus tax

size: peg to seat
typhoon 19inches
drr 22inches (as far as i can tell with talking ot dealers on the phone that carry both.)
trx90 20inches

necessary upgrades to race immediately:

Typhoon - kill switch, 4 speed conversion (free)
drr - tires/wheels, kill switch, shocks (can wait if have to)
trx90 - kill switch, shocks/dual a arm upgrade (between 3 and 700 dollars), rear axle/wheel spacers

future growth for son:
typhoon - he should fit for several more years, starts as two speed then converts to 4 speed. learns to shift for future atv, unproven chassis setup. compnay is new. comes the closest to race ready out of the box. great parts selection from the pitbike world. Local dealer support. needs some work up frontto addresse known issues.

drr - no shifter (negative), twostroke positive, dont know if son can fit on it now, spendy
considering you still have to put shocks on it and tires. no local dealers that i know of.

TRX90 - best platform for future growth and upgradeability. future upgrades allmost limitless all the way to adult atvs. most exspensive. parts cheap and easy to get. made by the big four. not a off brand import. 4 speed trans

I place them like this.
1. typhoon, for price and seems like the best package to start with. donw the road unknown.
2. trx90, future growth and upgradeability is incredible, but cost is a factor
3. DRR, price is high, no local dealer(that i know of) havent seen or touched, no shifter

what are yalls thoughts

12-19-2006, 07:20 AM
Where you buying yours at? I bought my 70cc for $1499 and my 125cc for $1699 and they sell the 90cc for $1599.

12-19-2006, 01:54 PM
well here in idaho i have only found one place that would order them in. but if i order it from someone online then i pay shipping and come back to the same price. so i would prefer to support a local shop. if prices are similar. 1499 plus 350 for shipping and 10 for setup. puts me right back atthe same price i am getting mine before tax. if i can get it cheapier i am all over it.