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03-19-2006, 02:18 PM
05 Trx with all of the following mods

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: stock
A Arms: holz
Swingarm: holz
Steering Stem: holz
Stbilizer: denton
Axle: lonestar
Carrier: stock
Locknut: lonestar
Hubs F|R: stock
Bars: pro taper
Throttle/Clutch Lever: stock MsR
Grips: MSr
Nerfs: AC Pro Pegs
Bumper: Blingstar
Grab Bar: stock
Front Shocks: Axis with titaniam springs
Rear Shock:Axis
Brake Lines: stock
Rotors F|R: stock
Rims F|R: Hipers
Tires F|R: Holeshots


Plastic: stock
Graphics|Seat Cover: Jh Graphics
Number Backgrounds: Jh Racing
Handguards: Aceribics
Bar Pad: Pro Taper
Fuel Tank: stock

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: Port And Polish 13.5 JE Piston 208 web cam
Bore & Stroke: Stock
Displacement: 450
Carburetor: Fcr 39mm
Air Filter|Box: K@n Air filter
Pipe|Silencer: Rossier Full System
Clutch|Plates: stock
Gearing F|R: 14/38
CDI|Killswitch: Crf wiring harness stator cdi
Cooling: stock
Other: Black frame, bottom arm, Nerf Bars, stem front bumper, Green swingarm a-arm hand Guards.

Here is some pics of my quad thanks for looking and hope you vote for me


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03-21-2006, 08:40 PM

you need to put that entry on this thread:D

03-22-2006, 04:27 PM
Thats a nice quad man u could win or have a good shot at it

03-22-2006, 08:55 PM
2005 yamaha yfz special edition

Frame: Stock
A Arms: + .5 houser trans red
Swingarm: + 1.25 houser trans red
Steering Stem: Roll design +1
Stbilizer: GPR
Axle: stock
Carrier: Houser
Locknut: stock
Hubs F|R: stock
Bars: pro taper fat bars
Throttle/Clutch Lever: Honda thunb throttle MSR AOF clutch lever
Grips: Oury
Nerfs: AC pro pegs
Bumper: AC mudscreen
Grab Bar: Pro aluminum
Front Shocks: Elka triple rates with piggyback reseviours
Rear Shock: Elka triple rate
Brake Lines: Streamline
Rotors F|R: Stock
Rims F|R: Hipers
Tires F|R: Razr 2s


Plastic: Maier silver
Graphics|Seat Cover: Instagator racing
Number Backgrounds: Updog
Handguards: Cycra
Bar Pad: Pro taper
Fuel Tank: Clarke

Engine|Drive System:

Cylinder|Head: stock
Bore & Stroke: stock
Displacement: stock
Carburetor: Eldlerbrock
Air Filter|Box: Uni Air filter With no lid
Pipe|Silencer: Curtis Sparks
Clutch|Plates: Hinson 9 Clutch basket, pressure plate, and disks
Gearing F|R: 13 tooth front sprocket back is stock
CDI|Killswitch: pro design kill switch
Cooling: stock
Other: Herrmann 6 point subframe, GT Thunder linkage,GYTR kick start setup, GYTR frame gaurds, Prm skid, Rear wave rotor, plates, rear brake block off, and special thanks to mike Faybic

03-23-2006, 10:11 PM
Originally posted by trx400exxracer

you need to put that entry on this thread:D

wrong thread dude:D nice quad

04-13-2006, 05:31 PM
Ok guys here us mine Its a speed demon

This will def. win qotm........