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12-05-2005, 09:50 AM
[San Bernardino, CA (12/4/05) - With high winds and dusty conditions, the final round of the ITP Quadcross Series was held at Glen Helen Raceway on the National track. The track was redesigned with very few jumps, but plenty of high speed sections, which meant that horsepower would be key, and unlike the GNC MX Nationals, the Pro Class doesnít have a 450cc limit.

The defending Pro Champion, Jeremy Schell, held an eight point lead over Dana Creech in second place with Dustin Nelson on two points behind Creech. Schell had some breathing room as he only needed to finish in sixth place or better to make it two in a row.

In preparation for 2006, Kory Ellis was back out at Glen Helen, and he spent plenty of time practicing on Saturday to dial in his Alba Action YFZ450 for the race on Sunday, and it would be time well spent. Kory Ellis would go on to win both motos followed by Dana Creech and Jeremy Schell.

Jeremy Schellís third place finish was more than enough for him to win the Championship with Dana Creech finishing out the season in second place followed by Dustin Nelson.

The 2006 season looks to be bigger and better than ever as the ITP Quadcross expands its series to eleven rounds and adds several new locations to the schedule, which should provide another exciting year of racing.

2006 ITP QuadCross Schedule
1/29/06 Round #1 Glen Helen - National Track San Bernardino, CA
3/19/06 Round #2 Race Town Adelanto, CA
4/2/06 Round #3 Arizon Cycle Park Buckeye, AZ
5/7/06 Round #4 Glen Helen - National Track San Bernardino, CA
6/24/06 Round #5 Speed World Surprise, AZ
7/30/06 Round #6 Glen Helen - National Track San Bernardino, CA
8/13/06 Round #7 Glen Helen - National Track San Bernardino, CA
9/23/06 Round #8 Speed World Surprise, AZ
10/8/06 Round #9 I-5 MX Gorman, CA
11/19/06 Round #10 Honolulu Hills Raceway Taft, CA
12/3/06 Round #11 Glen Helen - National Track San Bernardino, CA

12-05-2005, 10:55 PM
That makes 3 in a row for Schell

12-05-2005, 11:06 PM
Hey schell, when are you gonna do the GNC nationals?

12-19-2005, 09:23 AM
Hey all,

I have found it hard to find more info. Does this series have a peewee class? My son wants to do this series but still cant find out if there is a 90cc production class.

Where can I get the scoop? Already tried the itpquadcross site it still has basically a flier for 2005.

Thanks for the help

Mike :confused:

12-19-2005, 12:19 PM
I would just go by this information - the classes should be basically the same as last year, with the biggest change being the new Pro classes - Open Pro and Pro Production (up to 450cc).....the series is alot of fun, with some pretty good sized mini classes out there......


50cc 4-6 Years Stock
50cc 4-6 Years Modified
50cc 7-8 Years Stock
50cc 7-8 Years Modified
71-90cc 8-15 Years Stock
71-90cc 8-15 Years Modified
91-250cc 2-Stroke Beg.
91-250cc 2-Stroke Novice
91-250cc 2-Stroke Inter.
265-450cc 2 & 4-Stroke Beg.
265-450cc 2 & 4-Stroke Novice
265-450cc 2 & 4-Stroke Inter.
265-450cc 2 & 4-Stroke Exp.
91-450cc 4-Stroke Beg.
91-450cc 4-Stroke Novice
91-450cc 4-Stroke Inter.
91-450cc 4-Stroke Exp.
Women Beg.
Women Novice
Women Inter.
Vet +30 Beg.
Vet +30 Novice
Vet +30 Inter.
Super Senior +40 All Skills
Open 451-Up 2 & 4-Stroke Beg.
Open 451-Up 2 & 4-Stroke Novice
Open 451-Up 2 & 4-Stroke Inter.
Open Pro

12-19-2005, 01:01 PM
Very cool. My son is going to have a rgeat time. 90cc stock class. Plus he'll get to see all the big guys (and gals! ) race.


01-18-2006, 06:04 PM
DO you guys think that I will be able to race in the stock class with my warrior with a pipe and jet kit, has anyone seem warrior race out there.