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06-09-2005, 02:51 PM
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<center>Finally a solution to address the TRX450R rear end suspension problems</center>

This limited edition dual linkage was specifically developed for pro-level riders looking for a smoother rear suspension that will still prevent bottoming. Elka Suspensionís Pro Dual Linkage provides a full 12 inches of wheel travel, which is 3 inches more than stock suspension and 2 inches more than an Elka Suspension rear shock combined to a stock linkage.

To achieve such travel, this set-up uses a longer 17 inch specific shock absorber that allows 5 inches of stroke. This combination will provide a smoother progression by varying the motion ratio from 4.0 in the beginning to 1.8 at the end of the compression cycle. The result is an initially smoother suspension that gradually gets firmer without any harsh spots to finally offer more resistance to bottoming.

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Compatible with virtually all swingarms, this new system doesnít require any modifications to your ATV except for the skid plate which will need more clearance. Made from 7075-T6 aeronautical grade aluminium, the Pro Dual Linkage is strong and resistant without any major weight penalty. The high-quality needle bearings used at all pivot points will ensure a long-lasting, low friction use. It is also anodized to match the beautiful look of your Elka Suspension rear shock absorber.

The longer rear shock and the dual linkage are sold as a complete combo only and retrofit options are not available. The 5 inch stroke of the shock absorber will make adjustments and fine-tuning easier by allowing more stroke before reaching full travel. Riders will also notice less fading because the linkage will reduce the workload for the shock absorber. The Pro Dual Linkage will not affect the ride height while still allowing adjustments to it.

06-09-2005, 02:55 PM
GNCC Pro Rider #14 Andy Lagzdins

My Elka long-travel rear shock and two-piece linkage showed up last week. Tony and I installed it on my practice quad right away to hopefully get some time on it before the West Virginia GNCC this coming weekend. Some obvious differences from the old parts were the dual-rate spring, a 1 1/2" longer overall shock length, and the rebound adjuster now located on the side of the shock clevis. Everything went together smoothly, and no extra parts or modifications were needed. The only modification needed for some quads would be swingarm skidplate clearancing. All the linkage bearings and seals are included and installed.

Off we went to the local thrashing area to set up the shock. We set the ride height where we usually have it at 7 3/4" with rider. The compression and rebound settings come unadjusted from Elka, and we set them by doing laps around the motocross track and making adjustments until it felt right. When we were done, it felt at least as good as the setup I have been using.

The next day we went racing at Foot of the Mountain in PA. The track was very rocky and rooty with alot of small sharp hits all through the woods sections. The setting we had ended up with on the moto track was a little harsh for this kind of terrain, but it was good enough to finish 2nd overall behind Chris Borich, although I was 3+ minutes behind him at the finish. The shock really soaked up the chopped up straights well, and with the settings I had, it's strong point was hard high-speed hits. The new linkage, which hangs lower than before, did not make a difference when riding the quad. The angle of the linkage deflects real well, and even though I don't run any protection under the linkage, there wasn't that much damage after the race. The track was one of those where you see skidplates and other quad parts laying on the course as the race goes on!

A view of Andy Lagzdins Elka Dual Pro Linkage installed on his Duncan/Roll 470R