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05-24-2005, 03:10 PM
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<p><strong><font size="+2"> DG Bullet Exhaust </font></strong></p>
<p align="left">DG Performance is proud to announce the release of a new exhaust system. The new DG Bullet is the newest high end exhaust system to the market. The Bullet features billet aluminum inlet and end cap as well as a screen-type spark arrestor that is included. It can be removed for racing applications. The complete system will feature a high output Stainless Steel headpipe. The lightweight aluminum silencer body is powder coated a titanium color for an exotic look. All pipe junctions feature slip connections with spring hooks. This allows the ATV to flex without breaking the pipe. Perfect for racers who are hard on their equipment. The Bullet is being used by 2004 ATVA TT Champion Keith Little. Keith also won both motos in the 2nd National of 2005 using the DG Bullet.</p>
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