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Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS  & 525 S ATV Test Ride Review

2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS & 525 S ATV Review - Continued

2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS  & 525S ATV
Andy Lagzdins & Kevin Hill chased each other through the trees, and the Outlaw 525 IRS shined as it provided great traction and out handled the straight axle 525 over the rocks and roots
At one point we were shooting on a long, slippery, root infested, rock riddled uphill, with both Outlaws running up the hill in close formation. I was in the front, and this guy riding the IRS was pushing me up the hill every time!

Immediately I saw first hand one of the benefits of the IRS. It keeps both of the rear wheels planted on the ground and getting traction regardless of what the rest of the quad is doing.

We headed to the fields to get some high speed action, and we started to make runs at the camera, throwing up a wall of fresh mulch and cow patty parts with our rear tires. This is where the S model outshines the IRS. The straight axle is easier to get into a slide and keep it there, where the IRS wants to hook up and rail around the turns. I’m sure the Maxxis Razr’s on the S model had something to do with it, and the radials on the IRS had a much more flexible sidewall, but it was mainly the suspension mechanics. Overall, my first impression of the machines was good: average handling and ergonomics, good motor and power.

2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS  & 525S ATV
Out in the fields, the Outlaw 525 S held an advantage over the 525 IRS as it would carve a turn easily with the rear end much easier to slide, but on the 525 IRS, the rear end didn't want to break loose, and it had a tendency to high side as shown above

When I got the quads back to my shop and cleaned them up, I noticed the front of the S model was out of alignment. I had to adjust the tie rod on the side that I had landed hard on during the photo shoot. I inspected every part of the front end, and nothing was bent, it just needed an alignment for some reason. Nothing more ever became of this, and I had no problems at all with the front end afterwards.

2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS  & 525S ATV
The Outlaw 525 S was the quickest in our drag race, which is due to the extra weight of the 525 IRS since the engines are indentical
Now it was time for the drag races! We took turns running the two quads together on a roughly 1/8th mile straight paved road, doing both standing and rolling starts. The S model would pull ahead slightly in every run regardless of who was riding it. I would have to say that some power is lost both through the extra drive train and the exhaust shape on the IRS model, resulting in the difference between the two.

Next we ran the Outlaws against a National kitted 470cc Honda TRX 450R. The Honda would pull both the Outlaws right off the start by three to four quad lengths, then maintain it through the gears. The IRS would always bring up the rear. Next was a KTM525XC with a slip-on exhaust, airbox snorkel off, and rejetted carb. The KTM and the 470 TRX would takeoff and battle amongst themselves, while the Outlaws fought over the scraps. I believe the main reason for the difference in power between the Outlaws and the KTM is a more free-flowing exhaust and intake. The no link rear shock limits the airbox shape to the point that it appears to be choking the motor’s maximum flow.

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