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2008 Honda TRX 700XX IRS Sport ATV Test Ride Review
Honda TRX 700XX IRS Sport ATV Test Ride Review

Honda TRX 700XX ATV  Air Box & Air Filter
TRX 700XX Air Box & Air Filter
On to maintenance aspect of the TRX 700XX, it appears to be fairly straight forward as most Honda ATVs. The over-sized airbox is easy to access for cleaning by just removing the seat and four clamps, but a screw driver is required to remove the filter clamp, which is included in the tool kit mounted under the seat. We didn’t get a chance to investigate how difficult it will be to change the oil or coolant, but we did check out the chain adjustment, which is fairly straight forward with angle adjusters on the lower rear end of the chassis.

Honda TRX 700XX ATV Engine
Honda TRX 700XX ATV Chain Adjustment
The Radiator overflow, fuel filter, and oil reservoir are located low in the chassis and easy to access for maintenance
The chain adjustment dial are on each side of the frame with a heavy weight bolt holding the adjustment

Honda TRX 700XX ATV Sand Dunes Roost
The TRX 700XX was a blast to ride, and hopefully Honda will give us a chance to test ride it again back East in the woods
In all, we think that Honda did a great job of producing a well rounded, user friendly, big bore ATV. The high ground clearance and IRS helps to make the TRX 700XX a stable, well handling machine that can take on the roughest and toughest trails, and the EFI ensures easy, smooth power delivery with plenty of top end speed for wide open terrain. For casual riders, this quad is ready to go right out of the box. We also believe that this ATV would be very well suited for desert type Baja racing with a few simple modifications, and could also be quite competitive in GNCC racing as well. With an MSRP of $7,899.00, you really can’t go wrong with Honda’s TRX 700XX.

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