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Honda TRX400EX "Low Budget" Project ATV

Honda TRX400EX "Low Budget" Project ATV

Honda TRX400EX ATV slip-on Exhaust system
HMF Slip-on Exhaust system was installed and we removed the airbox lid and installed a "Dial-A-Jet" Kit for added Horsepower
For added reliability, the engine would remain stock, but the addition of a HMF slip would add several extra ponies to our project without the worries of a blown head gasket, which is a common problem for modified 400EX engines. C&D Racing also supplied us with a product called a "Dial-A-Jet" that would help us tune the carburetor without the hassle of changing out main jets. The Dial-A-Jet works by adding fuel via a small tube installed in the airboot just ahead of the carburetor, using vacuum as a trigger.

To aid in controlling some heat issues on the air cooled engine, we turned to CFM Performance who sent over one of their higher capacity oil tanks which boast an increased oil capacity. A set of Tinner's Air Scoops were ordered and installed to help redirect some air flow to keep our little thumper's temperature in check.

Honda TRX400EX ATV Tinner's air scoops
Honda TRX400EX ATV CFM oversized oil tank
Tinner's Air Scoops
CFM Oversized Oil Tank

Honda TRX400EX ATV Pro Armor Skid Plate & AC Nerf Bars
Mix Matching aftermarket components can present a problem as it did for us with a Pro Armor Skid Plate & AC Nerf Bars because they required some modifications to install
For rider safety, a set of AC nerf bars were attached, and this is where we ran into our first snag. We wanted to use a Pro Armor chassis skidplate which fit perfectly, however we chose to run the AC nerf bars simply because we already had a set. The issue arose when installing the nerfs in conjunction with the Pro Armor skid. The Pro Armor skid utilizes side frame protection towards the front engine mount, which interferes with the AC nerf bars. We opted to get around the issue with some simple backyard know how. A 1 1/4 hole saw was employed to allow 2 holes for the nerf bars to flow through.

The installation of the majority of parts used on this project went together without issue, which wasn’t a surprise considering the 400EX has been on the market long enough that most issues with regards to design and fitment have long since been made perfect. The only real issue we encountered was with the G-Force axle as the rear hubs seemed very sloppy on the axle splines. This will have to be watched carefully as we put time in to see if it will affect our opinion of the axle and it's lower price as compared to others on the market.

Following the basic directions included with each product, it didn’t take anytime to reassemble the project 400EX. It was finally time to mount the Hiper Non-Beadlock rims, which were mated with ITP Holeshot tires upfront for increased steering control, and in the rear, Hiper dual beadlocks were used with Carlisle Turf Tamers for increased handling and traction for the rear.

Honda TRX400EX ATV
Honda TRX400EX ATV

The stock fenders were also kept in place with the addition of a new black hood scoop from Maier MFG to replace the stock headlight assembly. The styling resembles the 450R and we liked how the colors would eventually flow together. Goforitgraphics supplied us with some custom graphics that helped add a race look to the soon to be functional 400EX. The stock handlebars were kept in place, along with the stock steering stem. A Moose adjustable clutch lever soon replaced the bulky factory lever and a set of Powermadd handguards were installed to help deflect the roost.

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