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2016 Can-Am Defender SxS / UTV Review

2016 Can-Am Defender UTV Drive Review

The Can-Am Defender also has plenty of dash space, which is always a nice feature. There are many different insert panels in the dash, which allow you to store gloves, paperwork, or other small possessions. The ergonomics on the machine were excellent.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV
The Can-Am Defender even has a removable Toolbox mounted on the dash, which is one of the many unique features on the Defender

As for the handling, the Defender really shined in this category as well. The tires are Maxxis’ standard, a 25 inch tire on a 12 inch wheel, which is always a really great tire. The unit also has power steering. In any side by side, power steering makes a huge difference and is always a feature we recommend. It is also a very wide and stable vehicle, but not over wide, they came up with a really great width. “It handles and steers really nice, especially for a utility UTV,” stated Luburgh.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV
The Maxxis Big Horn tires provided plenty of traction & the Can-Am Defender is very stable & easy to drive especially with the power steering

The suspension performed extremely well. The Defender has HD rear suspension with ten inches of travel, which provided a smooth and comfortable ride. We hit a couple small jumps and it soaked those up just fine. While its not intended to be a high performance vehicle, it can definitely be sporty as well. “As far as the ruts and bumps it was a really smooth ride. We did not throw anything at it that it didn’t take like a champ. From deep ruts, bottoming out, log crossing, and hill climbs, it took everything we threw at it,” stated Luburgh.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV

The Defender has a large cargo bed that is very versatile with a 1,000 pound capacity. “It is a really nice big bed. It has loads of different nooks and crannies, things they have planned out for accessories, and ways to secure your load depending on what you’re hauling,” said Luburgh. We were able to load the bed up with a bunch of feed bags and go for a drive. You can notice the weight in the back, but it still handled really well. We took full advantage of testing the heavy load on the farm.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV
The Can-Am Defender features a large cargo bed with a 1,000 pound capacity

The Defender also has great power, even in the smaller 799.0cc model. The H8 has plenty of power to get the job done, the H10 just gives it a little extra oomph with its 976cc engine. “I think they both have very similar bottom end. The mid and top end is where the H10 really came alive. It was quite a bit faster than the H8 in that respect, but the bottom end was pretty similar,” explained Luburgh.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV

Can-Am once again proved why it is an industry leader in the side by side market with their release of the 2016 Defender. From handling, to power, to the innovative features of the cab and seating, the Defender performed flawlessly.

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