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Round #7
Straddleline ORV
August 17-19, 2007


WORCS Round 7- Links
Olympia, WA - Round 7 of the WORCS series was an event full of “firsts”. The race was held at Straddleline ORV Park, which is located on 150 acres nestled in Washington State’s Capitol Forest. The ORV Park was previously named Thurston County ORV Park and had been shut down for a couple of years due to misappropriated government funding and a lack of support from local politicians. The track changed ownership and was reopened in 2005, and this year played host to its first WORCS event.
#2 Josh Frederick & #114 Jeremy Schell made the switch to the all-new Can-Am DS450

Unfortunately, the track and many racers fell victim to Washington’s notorious rainfall. A steady downfall of precipitation on Saturday night into Sunday morning, left the track muddy and slick with areas of standing water for Sunday morning’s events. According to Doug Eichner, “There was some standing water on the low areas of the MX track and also back in the woods section.” Eichner chose to run his Polaris with the IRS for this particular race due to the track conditions. “I had both the IRS (independent rear suspension) and single axle there, but with the rain and the mud we decided the IRS would be the best bet for this race.” He said.

At noon the Pro and Pro-am event began. Eichner ended up getting pinched out on the first corner and found himself behind Josh Frederick, Jeremy Schell, and Tim Shelman. Being a local Washington racer, Shelman is rather accustomed to the wet and muddy conditions off the gate and grabbed the $100 Holeshot award, his first of the season.

MotoWorks Tim Shelman grabs the Holeshot Award

The weather and track conditions played a big roll in how the race played out. Many of the racers had to make several pit stops to change goggles and gloves and have their radiators sprayed off. Shelman sited that having to make several pit stops himself, and not being able to hold on because of all the mud, as the two contributing factors for losing his lead. Frederick caught and passed Tim early in the race. “I passed Tim (Shelman) and was in the lead for a while until my goggles got covered with mud.” Said Frederick. “I came up to a double and couldn’t see and Doug was right behind me and passed me as I was trying to take them off.”

#11 Tim Shelman held the lead for the 1st lap, but the mud would take its toll on Shelman as he dropped back several positions
#1 Doug Eichner was on the move passing Shelman, Schell, and Frederick to take over the lead on his Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS
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