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Round #7
Burnt Ridge MX
August 4th - 6th, 2006

By: Brittany Bloodworth

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Cinebar, WA- Burnt Ridge Motocross track in Cinebar, Washington was home to the seventh round of the WORCS series. The last round was also in Washington at the famous Washougal MX Park, but this time the weather was much better. There was no rain the entire weekend, with temperature in the upper 80’s, we could not have asked for any better conditions.

This was by far the roughest track, with the tight turns and the one line paths through the woods, you really had to know what you where doing. There where many riders who where getting stuck out in the woods and backing up the other riders, and the track crew had their work cut out for them trying to pull people out of the woods, so other racers could get around the bottlenecks.

Doug Eichner took the holeshot followed by Jeff Bocook
Doug Eichner grabbed the Holeshot for the Pro Class taking home the Hiper Wheel Holeshot Award. Eichner put some distance between himself and the other riders almost immediately, Jeff Bocook was running in the second place position, and Josh Frederick was running in the third spot. Frederick had to fight his way around Bocook, but was able to move into the second place position. Frederick immediately began to make up the time lost between himself and Eichner.

By about the half way point for the race Frederick was bringing the heat to Eichner and had been following him for a couple laps to get to know his lines better. While Jeffery Bocook was still running in the third spot, the battle for the number one spot getting closer with every passing lap. Frederick saw his chance to make the pass around Eichner and decided to make the move; unfortunately, Frederick got the bad side of the deal when the pair collided with Frederick ending up on the ground with his Honda on its side. Eichner slammed on his brakes to look back and make sure that Frederick was ok, and once he saw that he was on his feet, he took off.

Josh Frederick
Frederick was quick to get up, and back to racing. By now Eichner had about a minute lead over Frederick, but he was not going to give up as he kept on pushing and hoping there was enough time to catch back up to Eichner. With just a couple laps to go, Frederick had made up the lost time and was knocking on Eichner’s door once again. Frederick knew that he would be able to make his pass in the woods, and that is exactly what he did with three laps to go till the checkered flag.

Meanwhile Levi Marana who had started the race in the eighth spot, dropped to tenth, and then began charging his way back through the pack. Marana eventually was able to catch Bocook in third and begin applying the pressure and make the pass to take over the final podium spot.

Josh Frederick was able to pull away from the Eichner to take his first win since the beginning of the season with Eichner finishing in the runners up spot, and you can bet that he worked hard for it. Eichner had raced both the pro classes the day before, and simply said that he was still tired from all those races. This is a guy who has won the 12 Hours of Pont de Vaux several times, so you can only imagine, a track that makes him this tired has got to be very rough.

BRP DS 650
Justin Waters

Levi Marana’s charge was incredible considering this was his first race since having surgery on his shoulder in February, which has sidelined for the past five rounds. I have had the pleasure of knowing Marana since his first race back a few years ago, and we all knew he would be the guy to watch, especially when he was running the pro class on a stock ATV, and lets just say that he was not in the back of the pack either. Marana quickly improved, and he really proved himself this weekend at Brunt Ridge, and it will only be a matter of time until he achieves his goal of standing on the number one box.

With two rounds left to go, this series is coming to an end very quickly. Doug Eichner is still in the lead for the series, but anything can still happen. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next round at Bull Hollow Raceway in Monticello, Utah on September 9-10th. Forum Discussion

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