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New England ATV Motocross
MX207 - Round 8
Lyman, ME
August 17, 2014

NEATV-MX - New England ATV Motocross Series

NEATV-MX Racing ATV Motocross Race Report
Preston Young Wins NEATV-MX Pro Class

New England ATV Motocross
(NEATV-MX) Links

Lyman, ME (8/21/2014) - The beautiful forest-lined track at MX207 in Lyman, Maine played host to the eighth round of competition for the New England ATV MX series as they headed North to the Portland area for the rain make-up date which was previously scheduled in the season. The weather was on-point  for the weekend with a few menacing looking clouds in the area, but with cool temps and an awesome racing facility to compete on, the track was kept in perfect racing condition.

The Pro class was first up on the line and with Travis Moore electing to drop out of the remaining rounds of the Pro-Am class, to focus solely on the Pro class for the rest of the season. Keven Vachon also made the trip down from Canada to race along with Mike Troiano making his NEATV return after taking a break for a good portion of the season, Troiano residing from Connecticut.

PRP / DASA / Fairway Farm’s Preston Young was back in the hot seat for round eight as he was the winner of the first Pro moto holeshot and the guy to lead the pack for the first of eight laps. Young quickly came under fire from Jon Glynn for the first three laps before Glynn made a mistake, letting Cody Paolella slip by. Young dropped a single position back to second place and was forced to finish the moto in this spot.

Preston Young NEATV-MX

Preston Young grabbed the NEATV-MX Pro Moto 1 Holeshot at MX 207

Moto two for FOX / FLY Racing / Hearth and Home’s Preston Young was better for the Pro championship hopeful however as he was able to secure yet another holeshot and hold off Paolella who started the race in second place, for the entire eight laps. Young’s gusto and new found help from PRP and the support of his team really shined through during this race as he had the pressure of the entire pack behind him. Luckily for Young, he showed his true speed and stayed mistake-free for the entire moto and came away with the overall win.

Preston Young NEATV-MX ATV Motocross

Preston Young leads Moto 1 as Cody Paoella chases down Preston from the rear

“I just have to thank my entire team for helping me out this weekend, I had more engine issues during practice so we swapped the entire engine out and we weren’t about to take any more chances and risk not finishing a moto. I’m really happy with the way the Pro class turned out and this helped my points chase out tremendously,” said Young.

Preston Young ATV Motocross

Preston Young finished 2-1 to win the NEATV-MX Pro Overall

Team Southside Polaris / Mystik Lubricants / Gravely’s Cody Paolella too, was back in the action of the Pro class for the eighth round of racing after taking two overalls at round seven. Paolella got off to to a mid-pack start in the first moto and quickly began picking off the other racers as he knew he had the speed to compete with Young who was up front. Paolella tracked down Young by the fourth lap and was able to put a pass on him to take over the lead and win moto one.

Cody Paolella ATV MX

Fresh off an excellent showing at NEATV-MX Round 7 by winning both the Pro & Pro-Am Classes, Cody Paolella earned the first Moto win in the Pro Class at MX 207

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