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New England ATV Motocross
Twister Valley - Round 7
Fort Plain, NY
August 2-3, 2014

NEATV-MX - New England ATV Motocross Series

NEATV-MX Racing ATV Motocross Race Report
Cody Paolella Wins NEATV-MX Pro & Pro-Am Class

New England ATV Motocross
(NEATV-MX) Links

Fort Plain, NY (8/6/2014) - The New England ATV MX series headed back to New York this past weekend, this time traveling to the Northern part of the state to a track known as Twister Valley, on the outskirts of the town of Fort Plain. This track is unlike any other on the circuit with big jumps that flow into the natural terrain, uphill jumps which require plenty of horsepower, and a soil compound which will either suck you in in some spots or is hard as concrete in others, all resulting in a tough course to tackle!

The Pro racers were first on the gate and with this being the home-town track of Preston Young, he was surely the man to beat this weekend.

Team Southside Polaris / Mystik Lubricants / Gravely’s Cody Paolella was having a bad weekend at the last round of racing at Capeway Rovers but said he was going to be on a mission this weekend and he slammed his point home as he came off the line with a good starting position in fifth place after a tough holeshot.

Michael Bluy NEATV-MX Holeshot

#117 Mike Bluy grabbed the NEATV-MX Pro Moto 1 Holeshot

Paolella then moved his way into third place by the start of the second lap and then again one more position by the completely of lap three. Paolella caught a break as he was pushing Preston Young around the course riding in second place when suddenly on top of the last uphill before the finish line section, Young’s ATV quit on him. Paolella moved into the first place position and never looked back for the remaining half of the race.

Cody Paolella NEATV-MX

Cody Paolella worked his way up from fifth to first by the end of Moto 1

Nac’s Racing / Mom & Dad / SSi Decal’s Cody Paolella had another solid start to the second Pro moto coming off the line within the top five. Within the first lap, Paolella had moved his way past Young again and into second place to chase down Mike Bluy who snagged his second holeshot of the day in the Pro class and was running away with the lead up front. Paolella latched onto Bluy’s rooster tails and put a pass on him exactly one lap later heading over the finish line double jump. Paolella continued to pour on the coal and led the remaining laps until the checkered flag flew over the eight-lap moto. This marked the first overall win for the Pro rookie along with his first-ever Pro moto wins as well.

Cody Paolella NEATV-MX

Cody Paolella earned his first NEATV-MX Pro Overall win a Twister Valley

“I’m just super pumped right now and it’s so exciting to finally get my first overall win! My team has helped me out so much and we’ve really been working hard for this. I’m the only Polaris in the class and I really wanted to show today that we have what it takes to compete and win against these guys. I can’t thank everyone enough especially Southside and my Mom and Dad for helping me out and pushing me, it feels great,” said Paolella.

Whitcher Racing / BCS Performance / Can-Am’s Travis Moore was back in the fight after a tough weekend at Capeway as well. Moore did not get a great start to the first Pro moto but was able to work his way up quickly through the pack. Moore also was able to take advantage of Young’s misfortune and slide his way up into second place by the end of the moto.

Travis Moore NEATV-MX

Travis Moore finished second in NEATV-MX Pro Moto 1

DWT / FMF / FLY Racing’s Travis Moore had an equal start to the second Pro moto as he did the first and again worked his way past a couple of riders while doing battle over the eight lap moto. This time however, Moore was only able to get up and into fourth place by the time the moto was over. His 2-4 finishes though, were good enough for second place overall on the podium and retaining his points lead.

Travis Moore NEATV-MX

Travis Moore's 2-4 finishes were good enough to earn him second overall

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