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New England ATV Motocross
Capeway Rovers MX - Round 6
Carver, MA
July 26, 2014

NEATV-MX - New England ATV Motocross Series

NEATV-MX Racing ATV Motocross Race Report
Preston Young Wins Capeway Rovers NEATV-MX Pro Class

New England ATV Motocross
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Carver, MA (7/31/2014) - The New England ATV series headed to the furthest East portion of it's reach this past weekend to the sand and rocky track at Capeway Rovers MX in Carver, Massachusetts. The series is approaching the halfway point with this being the sixth round in the series and the point battles are intensifying. Current points leader in both classes, Can-Am’s Travis Moore had a good showing in the Pro class coming out of the weekend with a second place overall going 2-2 but failed to get on the podium in the Pro-Am class with a fourth place overall after a pretty severe crash in the last moto of the day and ending with an 8-3 set of motos.

Weather was a topic of discussion for this round as well as Sunday’s forecast looked quite grim. Halfway through the day, the skies opened up and soaked the track, and the fans, but the weather didn’t stop the show from going on.

Michael Bluy NEATV-MX Holeshot

Michael Bluy grabbed the NEATV-MX Pro Moto 1 Holeshot

The man to beat in the sand this weekend however was Honda mounted Preston Young. With Young finding new support from PRP’s Dave Porter, he was on a charge unlike what we’ve seen in the past. Young came off the gate strongly into second place, just behind Michael Bluy, but by the first corner Young moved into first and found himself with the early lead. He then continued on with this position going uncontested as the pack battled behind him for the remaining eight laps.

Preston Young NEATV-MX

Preston Young quickly took over first place & then led the remaining eight laps to earn the win at Capeway Rovers MX

DASA / FOX / MAXXIS’ Preston Young came off the gate even better in the second Pro moto with a clear holeshot, which was good as this turned out to be a battle of who could see the best though the slick mud and sandy conditions at Capeway.

Preston Young NEATV-MX Holeshot

In NEATV-MX Pro Moto 2, Preston Young took the holeshot

With a clear track ahead and being no stranger to riding in the mud, Young put his head down and pressed on to open up a gap between himself the rest of the field. Once again, no one was able to make a run on Young and he was able to stay out front and ride his own race to the finish line.

Preston Young NEATV-MX

Preston Young also earned the win in Pro Moto 2 to win the overall

“I came out here with a mission in mind and that was to win and we got that done today. A huge thanks to Dave Porter for stepping up and helping me out, my Mom and Dad, DASA for the power out there and the MAXXIS tires were hooking up awesome. I have some work to do with the points chase and this win today means a lot to me and my team,” said Young.

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