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New England ATV Motocross
Hurricane Hills - Round 3
Clifford, PA
May 25, 2014

NEATV-MX - New England ATV Motocross Series

NEATV-MX Racing ATV Motocross Race Report
Joel Hetrick Wins Hurricane Hills NEATV-MX Pro Class

New England ATV Motocross
(NEATV-MX) Links

Hurricane Hills, NY (5/28/2014) - The New England ATV MX series continued it's 2014 year of the North East making it's third stop of the year in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania. The Hurricane Hills MX facility played host to this round and as usual, Joe Fritz and his crew had the track in prime condition for Sundays motos!

Hurricane Hills MX

A pristine motocross track awaited many NEATV-MX Racers at Hurricane Hills MX for the third round of the NEATV-MX ATV Motocross Series

A big fireworks show was presented on Saturday night after practice was done. The show featured an awesome display along with the local fire company and big flame throwers up on the highest point of the track.

Hurricane Hills Motocross Fireworks

A large fireworks display entertained the crowd Saturday night during the Memorial Day Weekend in Pennsylvania

These weren't the only fireworks of the weekend however as AMA national ATV MX racers Josh Creamer, Nick Moser, and recent High Point national overall winner Joel Hetrick were all in attendance for this round. The action was sure to be on fire for this weekend!

The NEATV Pro class was on the gate and it was JB Racing / Mtn Dew Live Wire / Can-Am's Joel Hetrick who was the man to beat for these eight lap motos. Pro moto one for Hetrick was a little easier for the Can-Am pilot than the second moto as the first was won by a very large margin of time when the checkered flag flew. Hetrick came out of the gate in a great starting position and quickly moved into first place as he made his way around Preston Young through the "Dragon's Back" section of the Hurricane Hills track. From there, Hetrick kept his head down and remained mistake free for the remainder of the moto.

Joel Hetrick ATV Motocross

Joel Hetrick earned the win in NEATV-MX Pro Moto 1 on his JB Racing / Mtn Dew Live Wire / Can-Am DS 450

Pro moto two for DWT / Elka / FLY's Hetrick was a bit more of a battle for the NEATV-MX newcomer as it was fellow Can-Am DS450 racer Josh Creamer with the big holeshot. Hetrick came off the line in a third place position just behind Canada's Jayden Hickson. Hetrick made quick work of Hickson within the first lap and then quickly set his sights on the rear grab bar of Creamer. Hetrick's opportunity came about halfway through the race in the top whoops section as he put a block pass onto Creamer for the lead. Hetrick then set sail down over the big drop offs and created a gap to keep the lead and take the win going 1-1 on the day.

Joel Hetrick ATV MX

Joel Hetrick again grabbed the win in Moto 2 earning the overall

"I had a really good day out here in the Pro class. I really like this track and I'm pretty fast on it. Coming out of that win at High Point I'm feeling really good and there's a good amount of competition out here. It was a great weekend for me and the Can-Am team," said Hetrick.

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