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NE EDT Racing - Round 6
Busco Beach

Goldsboro, NC
August 6, 2016

NE-EDT Racing

NE EDT Racing Round 6 UTV Race Report
Phillip Kessler Wins UTV Open & Bucky Gardner Wins UTV Production

2016 New East EDT Round 6
Busco Beach
Goldsboro, NC (8/11/2016) - This past weekend’s East Coast UTV Nationals / GORS was a blast at the Busco Beach ATV park in Goldsboro, North Carolina. An impressive number of UTV’s lined the starting gate for all three classes of racing and in the UTV Open Class, Phillip Kessler was able to take the win, followed by Chris Mills on second place and Payton Mills in third. The UTV Production class was dominated by Bucky Gardner, followed by Kris Callahan in second place, and Thomas Blanton in third place. Kris Callahan was able to come back and take a win for himself in the UTV 900cc Production class main event followed by Jay Person in second place, and Madison Lassiter in third place.

NE-EDT UTV Open Class Podium

NE-EDT UTV Open Class Podium (left to right)
Payton Mills (3rd), Phillip Kessler (1st), Chris Mills (2nd) / Polaris / Fuel Offroad’s Phillip Kessler got off to a great first holeshot taking the lead, but then was sent back to the start again because of a red-flag restart due to a rollover by another racer. Kessler once again took the holeshot and began his onslaught of domination in the Pro Open class. Kessler came off the line with the lead but was trailed immediately by Chris Mills who was running in second place and not backing down anytime soon. Kessler was persistent however and ran his Polaris RZR to the max and was able to stay out front for the entire race to bring home the win.

Phillip Kessler UTV Racing

Phillip Kessler grabbed the holeshot & held the lead from start to finish

Mills Cox Motorsports / /’s Chris Mills also got off off to a great start for himself as well, sliding into second place out of the holeshot, just behind Kessler. Mills pounded his RZR to the limit as well to try and catch Kessler and stay with his pace, unfortunately, he just couldn’t keep up as Kessler was out front in clean air and pulling away. Mills was delighted to be on the podium however and happy with his solid second place finish.

Chris Mills UTV Racing

Chris Mills stayed on the heels of Phillip Kessler but was unable to make a pass stick & finished second in the UTV Open class

Mills Cox Motorsports / Raceline Wheels / CPS Trucking Inc.’s Payton Mills came off the line in fourth place just behind Lee Pope in third place and had a bit of a battle on his hands before he was able to make the pass and slide into third place.

Payton Mills UTV Racing

Payton Mills rounded out the UTV Open class in his Mills Cox Motorsports Polaris RZR

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