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12 Heures D'Endurance La Tuque
12 Hours of La Tuque ATV Race

La Tuque, Quebec Canada
May 16-18, 2008

12 Heures D'Endurance La Tuque

Andy Lagzdins 12 Hours of La Tuque ATV Endurance Race Report

12 Heures La Tuque
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12 Heures of La Tuque ATV Endurance Race
Elka / Duncan / Dirt First Race Team (left to right) - Tom Wright, Fred Rael, Andy Lagzdins
La Tuque, QC - Back in 2004, I was asked by my buddy and multi-time UK quad champion Paul Rowlands to be on his team for the Pont de Vaux 12 hour race in France. While preparing for the event, I ran across a similar race in Canada called the 12 Hours of La Tuque. The Canadian race looked very much like the French event, but it always fell on the same weekend as a GNCC race and I couldn’t attend it. This year I didn’t have any conflicting dates, so I put together a team and finally got a chance to do it. I didn’t realize that we would be the first American team to participate in the annual event, and this was an added bonus that made the exciting adventure even more interesting.

Elka Suspension is located three hours from La Tuque, so this event is right in their back yard. Elka has a big presence at the race and fields several teams each year. The guys at Elka wanted to help me put together a team, and they hooked me up with Fred Rael, a past New Mexico Desert Racing champion who lives in Albuquerque. Fred’s experience in the sand whoops of the desert would be a perfect match for the terrain that I had seen in photos from previous years at La Tuque. The third rider on our team would be Thomas Wright, a top 30 caliber GNCC rider who lives and rides in the heart of sand whoop country, the Pine Barrons of New Jersey.

12 Heures La Tuque Honda TRX 450R ATV
12 Heures La Tuque Honda TRX 450R ATV
Andy Lagzdins' 2005 Honda TRX 450R setup for the 12 Heures of La Tuque

With the help of my sponsors, I setup one of my 2005 TRX450R GNCC quads for the 12 Hour. I used the same engine that I race in the cross country series, built with a Duncan 470cc National kit, Vortex Ignition, Hinson clutch components, Fat Boy4 exhaust, and Pro Design foam filter kit. Since the narrowest part of the track would be about 15 feet wide, I widened the front end with a +2” Laeger longtravel front end. Elka Elite Series shocks front and rear would handle the whoops, and I also used one of my XC 19” Laeger swingarms. To widen the rear, I swapped out my XC axle with a MX RPM Dominator II axle, and got the width out to around 50 inches. The tires of choice for the sandy conditions were ITP Holeshot GNCC’s front and rear with Tireballs to eliminate any chance of flats. Douglas Shamrock beadlocks were mounted to withstand the 12 hours of punishment and to keep the tires on the rims. I used a Trail Tech 8” HID light assembly to illuminate the night session, and wired the taillight so it was always on; which is a requirement for the race. I changed my Flexx Bars to a higher rise model, to make it easier on our backs by riding in a more upright position. An Elka System 5 steering damper would make keeping the bars straight easier. I used Maxum4 SynBlend oil and Engine Ice coolant for the vital fluids. The guy at the gas station couldn’t believe I was buying 35 gallons of race fuel to ride my quad for one weekend!

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