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Summer Break Overview
Baltimore, MD - So here we are in the summer break and eight races into the 2007 GNCC Series, and so far it is arguably the closest and most dramatic championship battle ever for the Pro ATV Championship. The tracks have varied so far this year from dry to wet, fast to tight, and the competition has increased, making for a championship that will truly decide who is the most well-rounded ATV racer on the planet. The perennial favorites, Bill Ballance and Chris Borich, have once again distanced themselves from the rest of the field while battling each other for GNCC supremacy.
#1 Bill Ballance
#2 Chris Borich

The pressure that goes along with the opportunity for Bill to become the undisputed king of GNCC ATV racing by winning his eighth consecutive title seemingly has had no effect on his ability to win races, and he has managed to take four wins and the hold the points lead going into the final stretch. Chris put together a string of four consecutive wins to put fear in the hearts of Ballance fans everywhere, and this had Bill obviously concerned during the very dominating performance that started to look like a possible Borich runaway.

Ballance & Borich have shadowed each other all season long with each claiming four wins in the first half of the season, and Borich was on a four race win streak till brake issues at Sparta sent him back to a 6th place finish, which boosted Ballance into the points lead. Borich's bad luck continued into Showshoe when he expected a 5 lap race, and it was shortened to 4 laps, which blew his pit strategy and allowed Ballance to runaway with the win and a big smile heading into the summer break as Ballance extended his points lead to a mere 6 points over Borich

The tension between the two teams has become visible, with incidents between the two involving brake checking, hand gestures, protests and shouting matches taking place quite often. Ballance’s creative manipulation of the production rules to make changes to his quad’s frame had many competitors calling foul, and showed just how determined Bill was to use every possible avenue to arrive at the championship.

#6 Chris Bithell
3rd Overall - 141 Points
#17 Taylor Kiser
4th Overall - 121 Points
#19 Matt Smiley
5th Overall - 117 Points

The closest challengers to the title contenders have turned out to be sophomore XC1 Pro Chris Bithell, rookie sensation Taylor Kiser, and the rejuvenated veteran Matt Smiley. Bithell has put together a super-consistent season and his three podiums have helped him assume a solid third place position in the points standings. Taylor Kiser came out of nowhere to podium the first race of the year in his home state of Florida. He dispelled the home-field advantage myth by putting in one solid finish after another to establish himself as a possible race winner and future title contender. Mighty Matt Smiley came back from the downward spiral that was his Polaris ride to rebuild his program under the watchful eye of omnipotent ATV guru Jay Gobel. Matt’s two podium appearances were a refreshing sight and his solid finishes have put him well on his way to regaining his title of Mr. Consistency.

GT Thunder's Taylor Kiser made a dramatic Pro Class debut with a season opening Podium finish, and until Showshoe, Kiser hadn't finished outside the top 10 Overall in an impressive first year in the Pro Class
East Coast ATV's Matt Smiley has quickly adapted to his new ride for 2007, and he has earned two podium finishes in the past four races as he becomes more comfortable on the Honda. It may be only a matter of time before Smiley earns his first win in years
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