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2015 EDT Racing
Round #4 - Shelbyville, IN
Shelby County Fairgrounds
June 20, 2015
2014 Extreme Dirt Track Racing

Brad Riley Sweeps EDT Pro & Pro-Am Racing
Extreme Dirt Track Racing ATV Race Report - Round Four

Extreme Dirt Track Racing
Round #4 - Links
Shelbyville, IN (6/29/2015) - The 2015 Extreme Dirt Track ATV racing series headed to Shelbyville, Indiana for rounds three and four of the series at the Shelby County Fairgrounds. The week leading up to the race was saturated with rain showers, some with record rain fall in the area. This resulted in a very sloppy track which was not able to be touched to work on until later in the weekend. Because of this, round three, which was slated for Friday was canceled, and round four was ran on Saturday, which completed the weekend. “Bad” Brad Riley was at it again in the Pro and Pro-Am classes coming away with wins in the both the Pro and Pro-Am classes.
 Pro ATV Podium Extreme Dirt Track
Extreme Dirt Track Pro ATV Podium(left to right)
Nathan Wolff (2nd), Brad Riley (1st), Michael Houghton (3rd)

In the EDT Racing Pro Main, Two Se7en Motorsports / Houser Racing / MAXXIS Tire’s Brad Riley got off to a third place start behind Nathan Wolff and Chuckie Creech who took the holeshot. Before the full-completion of the second lap Riley got tangled with Creech as they rounded a corner sending Creech to the ground. This caused a red-flag restart which forced the racers to line back up to the starting line area.

Brad Riley EDT Racing

#1 Brad Riley

Riley got off to a second place start for the restart behind Wolff. Riley trailed Wolff, studying his moves and lines for the next eight laps until he was able to make the move to take over the lead on the tenth lap. After the pass, it was full-speed ahead for Riley as he kept up his speed over the rough track to go on and take his third straight win of the season.

Brad Riley EDT Racing

#1 Brad Riley

“I really didn’t mean to get into Chuckie (Creech), and it messed up his run for the podium in the class, but we were racing hard, and I’m glad he’s okay and was able to keep racing. I got a good restart and was able to stay right on Wolff as we both headed into the first corner one-two. I trailed him for a while and then got around him into the lead and went on to take the win. I want to thank my sponsors who helped me to get to the top of the podium. My MAXXIS tires were hooked up on the loose track and my PEP shocks kept me going smooth even though the track was super rough. It was a tiring race with the restart, but we came out on top with another win, and I extended my points lead,” said Riley.

Chuckie Creech EDT Racing

#25 Chuckie Creech came back to finish in 5th after the restart ahead of #24 Josh Hibdon

Wolff Motorsports / DASA / Hoosier Tire’s Nathan Wolff grabbed the holeshot for the restart of the Pro Main followed closely by Riley. He was able to hold off Riley for half the race, but in lap ten, he dropped back to second place. After the pass, Wolff stayed true to his lines and remained mistake free for the rest of the race to complete the twenty-lap race in second place, which was his best Pro EDT racing finish of the year.

Nathan Wolff EDT Racing

#71 Nathan Wolff

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