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2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI 4x4 Utility ATV

The Reign of Supremacy Continues
Press Release

Yamaha Grizzily 700 FI 4x4 Utility ATV Links

Yamaha Grizzily 700 FI 4x4
Within the Yamaha family of utility ATVs, the Grizzly stood steadfast as the king of the forest for years. Industry-leading features coupled with top-of-the-line quality and the plush ride Yamaha is known for, made the Grizzly an unbeatable choice for any customer looking for an ATV just as capable for work as it is for play. Fast forward to 2007 and you see that the all-new Grizzly 700 will continue to reign supreme as it ups the ante with updates and never before seen ATV technology added to its already perfect pedigree.

For 2007 the Grizzly 700 leads the chase in the department of technology. Sure, it continues to feature Yamaha exclusives such as the proven Ultramatic® automatic transmission system and On Command® push-button four-wheel drive system, and now the all-new Yamaha Fuel Injection system (YFI) system, but the icing on the cake is the industry-first EPS…Electric Power Steering. Yes, you read that correctly, EPS on an ATV - talk about plush!

Yamaha Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
Industry-exclusive: Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system lightens steering and helps ease kickback, for superior comfort and terrainability.
The Yamaha Electric Power Steering system is unparallel in the industry. The system allows the rider to tackle the most gnarly, toughest terrain with the least amount of effort, rider fatigue and superior comfort. How, you ask? As the rider turns the handlebars the electric motor kicks in and assists in the turn. The harder you turn, the more the EPS assist. The torque-sensing EPS system senses the twisting force put on the handlebars and wheels at which point the electric motor jumps in to do its thing. Best part is, not only does the EPS offer light steering effort, but it also absorbs the kickback that would usually be transferred to the rider if you were to hit a log or rock unexpectedly.

Although the EPS system attempts to steal the spotlight, the additional changes to the Grizzly 700 round out an amazing all-new machine. The new Grizzly 700 powerplant moves from 660cc to 686cc, and is adapted from Yamaha’s leading sport ATV, the Raptor 700R, which gives the Grizzly a sportier, fun ride even with the engine tuned for true utility use. Of course, those extra 26cc also mean additional power throughout the entire rev range – most notable is the enhanced low- to mid-range power.

Yamaha Raptor-based four-valve combustion chamber design
Yamaha Ceramic-composite cylinder liners
New, Raptor-based four-valve combustion chamber design produces a potent combination of low-rev torque, right-now throttle response and high horsepower.
Ceramic-composite cylinder liners provide outstanding durability and heat dissipation; forged piston is light and strong and rides a carburized, chrome-moly connecting rod.
Moving down the laundry list of updates to the engine you’ll find a new forged piston for reduced weight and added durability, while a new aluminum cylinder body with composite coating offers reduced weight, increased cooling ability and additional wear resistance. The new roller rocker arms reduce friction in the valve train, which allows the engine to rev more freely leading to better overall performance and improved throttle response. Of course, the ultra-convenient electric start feature continues to make firing the liquid-cooled, four-valve SOHC powerplant to life a snap.

Yamaha Industry-exclusive: fully automatic Ultramatic® transmission is the most advanced drive system
Industry-exclusive: fully automatic Ultramatic® transmission is the most advanced drive system in ATVing. An automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension for reduced belt wear and industry-exclusive all-wheel downhill engine braking.
Delivering all that power is the Ultramatic automatic transmission system, with reverse, of course. The transmission’s gearing ratio has been revised, optimizing the additional power and making full use of the powerband under a variety of riding situations. Reverse is also re-geared for easier operation. The Grizzly 700 offers the convenience of high- and low-range gear options for times when low-end torque and maximum pulling power are needed. The shift lever is conveniently located on the left side, and the other gear options include parking, neutral and reverse.

The all-new gate shifter gives an improved shift feeling, allowing the rider to easily see what gear he has selected. Of course, this is also easy to see on the redesigned LED display, which offers dual trip meter, speedometer and odometer in addition gear selection, fuel level indicator, On Command indicator and EPS and fuel injection indicator lights. The EPS and fuel injection indictor lights let the rider know when the systems need to be serviced per the self diagnostic system.

The Yamaha Fuel Injection system (YFI) finds its way to the Grizzly 700 after the spectacular debut it made on the Raptor 700R last year. The YFI improves throttle response throughout the powerband, helping the rider take advantage of that improved low- to mid-range power. YFI offers unmatched performance at high elevation as the system is able to detect and compensate for changes in altitude. The more precise fuel delivery offered by the YFI means clean power delivery, better throttle response and improved fuel economy under a multitude of riding situations. In addition, YFI means no choke and easier cold starting, which is great for those early morning hunts or chores around the farm.

Grizzly Five-position shift lever with H, L, N, R and P gates for positive Ultramatic trans operation.
Grizzly 700 LCD instrument display contains FI and EPS Info as well as bar-type fuel gauge, odometer, tripmeter, clock and Diff Lock indicator
Five-position shift lever with H, L, N, R and P gates for positive Ultramatic trans operation.
LCD instrument display contains FI and EPS Info as well as bar-type fuel gauge, odometer, tripmeter, clock and Diff Lock indicator
The three-way On-Command system featuring push-button 2WD/4WD and 4WD with differential lock is the perfect compliment to the Grizzly 700 powerhouse. Located on the right handlebar, the push-button is at the rider’s fingertips to command all four wheels as the terrain dictates.

The Grizzly 700 also features major changes to styling, many of which are a direct result of changes made to improve handling, make serviceability a breeze, centralize mass and give the vehicle a lower center of gravity. First off is the relocated air box, which moves from under the seat to the top of the engine. This change means easier access and service for the rider and the higher intake location will be much appreciated by those riders that are fond of deep water crossings. The fuel tank has also been relocated and is now found mostly under the seat as part of the mass centralization and to lower CG. The new fuel tank features a ratchet-type cap for improved quality feel.

Moving on down the body of this beast we find a fully independent wishbone front and independent rear suspension (IRS) – adjustable in front and rear – offers the rider the versatility to set-up the ATV for all riding conditions. Featuring 7.1” of travel up front and a class-leading 9.5” in the rear, the Grizzly 660 is ready to tackle just about any terrain. What’s more, 11.8” of ground clearance makes it an unrivaled trail performer. The most noticeable change here is a redesign to the shape of the front and rear A-arms. This slightly rounded new shape offers additional ground clearance. Again helping achieve the low CG feel, the suspension has found new mounting points on a lower part of the frame and lower A-arms.

2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI 4x4 Utility ATV
2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI 4x4 Utility ATV
Fully independent long-travel four-wheel suspension features WideArc front A-arms and rear-swept A-arms out back for maximum ground clearance. Preload-adjustable shocks mean maximum control and comfort over rough terrain.
As if one industry first with EPS wasn’t enough, Yamaha has added a little something extra to the brakes as well with four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes. Most models see three discs, two up front and one on the rear axle, which controls braking for both rear wheels. In the case of the 2007 Grizzly 700, brake calipers are coupled to each wheel individually along with a new brake master cylinder front and rear for unmatched braking feel and power.

The Grizzly 700 also features all-new ground-grabbing meats mounted to aluminum wheels to get you moving. The all-new Dunlop tires feature a new tread pattern, exclusive to Yamaha for improved traction and rider comfort.

2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Utility ATV - 5.3-gallon fuel tank
2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Utility ATV - Two storage compartments with a 4.8 liter compartment
5.3-gallon fuel tank is located under the seat for excellent mass centralization and handling.
Two storage compartments with a 4.8 liter compartment under the seat and another smaller compartment on the front fender
On the side of comfort and durability, we find the Grizzly 700 boasting a 32mm thicker seat and redesigned, larger floorboards for even more protection from the elements. The new design of the floorboards also allow for better drainage of mud and water. Two storage boxes – a redesigned under seat box and an all-new box found in the right front fender offer plenty of storage in a sealed, waterproof and water resistant space. This is of course in addition to the 99 lbs. and 187 lbs. of carry capacity on the front and rear racks, respectively and the 1,212 lbs. of towing. And, a new SecureMount rack system has been developed to offer superior fit and finish with Genuine Yamaha Accessories, which were designed in tandem with the rack system.

The all-new 2007 Grizzly 700 4x4 is available in Hunter Green, Steel Blue, Red and Realtree Hardwoods High Definition Camo at Yamaha dealerships nationwide beginning June 2006.

2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Utility ATV - Blue
2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Utility ATV -  Red
2007 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Utility ATV -  Green

* ATVs with engines 90cc or greater are recommended for use only by riders age 16 years and older.

About Yamaha:
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