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Can-Am Warnert Racing’s John Natalie Comes on Strong at Glen Helen
Warnert AMA ATV Motocross- Round 1 Race Report

John Natalie & Cody Miller Holeshot Award

#13 John Natalie & #22 Cody Miller are both back for 2009 with the Warnert Racing / Can-Am Motocross Team

Devore, CA (3/11/2009) - Can-Am Warnert Racing’ John Natalie came on strong at the Pro only season opener of the 2009 AMA ATV Motocross Championship, taking a top five finish in moto one and showing he means business.

The track conditions at Glen Helen were dry, which caused the sandy soil to become very rough and whooped out through the course of the day and that definitely showed who had been training hard in the off season and who hadn’t. It was obvious that John Natalie had taken extra efforts in the off season to make sure he was in tiptop shape.

In the first moto John appeared to get a good start off the line, but unfortunately he ended up getting stuck behind a pile up in the first turn and fell back to almost last place. John put his head down and made an amazing charge up through the ranks to finish his moto in fifth place. John also rode consistently in moto two despite the incredible rough track that put other riders out of contention. John finished in sixth place overall and has every intension of being on the podium for round two, as does teammate Cody Miller.

Warnert Racing's John Natalie
Warnert Racing's Cody Miller

#13 John Natalie Jr.

#22 Cody Miller

“I had some bad luck out there, but that makes me want to work even harder next time. I’m hoping for a top five finish, but what I really want is to take my first Pro win in Alabama,” said an optimistic Cody Miller.

Both John and Cody will be working hard in the next two weeks and they will both be fighting for a spot on the podium in Pell City, Alabama on March 21-22 where Mill Creek, a favorite track among many racers, will be the hosting facility for the event.

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