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UTV Tech Releases License Plate Brackets and License
Plate Brackets with Differential Covers

License Plate Bracket

UTV Tech Utility License Plate Brackets

Idaho Falls, ID (5/18/2009) - Wouldn't it be nice if you could drive your UTV on public roads in smaller towns? Some towns in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Utah allow UTV's on public roads and hopefully other states are following. UTV's must meet certain requirements to be "street legal" including licensing.

UTV Tech has designed a multi-task License Plate Bracket/Differential covers for UTV's. Now you have a place to put your license plate that doubles as protection for your differential gear box. Damaging a gear box is as easy as backing into a trailer, a log or boulder and replacement costs can run in the $800.00 range plus labor.

Even if you aren't going to license your UTV you might want to purchase this new product as protection for your gear box. Think of it as insurance. The license plate bracket/differential cover also provides reinforcement and stiffing of the rear frame.

The UTV Tech License Plate Bracket/Differential covers are made of aluminum that is rust-proof as well as easy to clean. To date, we make them to fit the Yamaha Rhino and the Polaris Ranger. We also make license plate bracket to fit the Yamaha Grizzly, Yamaha YZ Motorcycles, Yamaha ATV's, Kawasaki's Mule and Honda's Big Red and KTM off-road motorcycles. Call us at 1-208-522-2301 or visit us on the web to place an order or ask for further information.

UTV Side X Side Parts Logo
3200 S. Yellowstone Hwy.
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Phone 208-522-1301
Fax 208-522-0855

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